It’s the Final Countdown

Oh, ladies and gentlemen. It’s Monday… for those of you not in the know, this blog title was inspired by Europe and was a pep band fave in high school. Classic!

The end has come. The board is set… the pieces are moving. In 36 hours, I will be a free man (temporarily). And that is going to be a joyous occasion :-)

It’s insane how quickly the semesters seem to pass by. They drag while it’s happening, but all of a sudden it’s finals week and I find myself wondering what I learned and did with my life the last 16 weeks. I feel like this has been the most beneficial semester in the MBA program hands down, and I finally have a more clear direction of where I want my professional life to take me down the road. Self-discovery and risk taking are important parts of anyone’s life, and this semester has helped me see that.

It’s looking to be a packed summer (surprise surprise) and it has almost begun. So. Very. Close.

The countdown has begun. Things are in motion… it should be an awesome summer! Let the 76th Hunger Games begin! Oh, sorry… I digress.

  • Racing – After some major adjustments to my race schedule, it turns out I will be half Ironmaning in Boise and returning again to Lake Stevens. I will miss not road tripping to Colorado but it should be awesome returning to my first ever half Iron course for additional shenanigans!
  • Baseball – Just to be clear (pskillz), it’s baseball season! Football has no business being discussed when the Aces are on a roll. Summertime is here and nothing brings that to life like an icy cold lemonade at a ballpark with your peeps.
  • Camping – I still mourn the fact that I haven’t gotten to camp as much as I would like since being in Reno, but hopefully this will change during the course of the summer. Bring on the s’mores!
  • Summer school – Well, as anticlimactic as it sounds, summer school will give me the ticket I need to graduate in approximately 368 days 23 hours and 17 seconds.  Whoohoo!

There is much in store this summer, and should be a stellar break from reality just like last summer was. I hope you all have fun adventures planned and get to enjoy the open air too. Now, onward to finals!


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