The Tech World is Abuzz – How Can You Stay Afloat?

Happy Friday! Yea!

For those of you living under a rock, this has been an insane week in the technology world. In fact, there is so much going on that I wasn’t able to single out a topic for today. So, I’ll address three…

  1. Facebook – For the record, I love posting my pictures to Facebook and spying on a few of my friends. Other than that, I find the whole thing annoying, intrusive, and frankly, a bloody nuisance. It’s cool being able to connect with peeps from yesteryear but it has turned into a social behemoth that consumes far too many lives (and cell phone data plans). Surprisingly, I don’t care where you’re at with whom. I especially don’t care what you’re listening to on Spotify. Regardless, Facebook was released to the public stock market this week with one of the biggest offerings in history. That’s all fine and dandy except the service doesn’t provide anything for our economy except the potential to sell things, and they don’t even do a phenomenal job at that. Soon, driven by corporate greed, I’ll have to pay for their service and deal with even more ads to drive their monetary fueled machine of war, and I’m sure I’ll check out soon after.
  2. Smart phones – The sheer pandemonium caused by service providers, phone developers and consumers is mind boggling. This week Verizon decided to pull unlimited data plans from the clutched fingers of their customers, despite the uproar (and my personal shock). Manufacturers are still battling for the prize of having the best phone in the market, and consumers still can’t get 100% awesome service all the time. What is our world coming to!? I just want awesome service with a reliable phone that does what I want it to not what Google, Apple, Verizon, or AT&T think would benefit them the most. Who’s paying for their service anyhow?!

  3. Diablo 3 – When all is said and done, the entertainment industry seems like a much wiser investment than it does to invest in the annoying little F-book . Granted, it doesn’t create jobs for the U.S. like manufacturing does, but you know that the 2 million people who preordered the game see serious value in the magical realms involving demon slaying, the pursuit of treasure, and wielding tree size axes to slash your enemies to pieces. I understand the value created by video games, and even though our significant others don’t entirely appreciate the awesomeness of interactive worlds, it’s a worthy investment of my money. I’d gladly pay for a chance to travel through fictitious lands or warp to distant galaxies rather than paying to see my FB “acquaintances” post yet another retarded picture…

So, it seems, that in my fit over Facebook’s apparent domination of the practical, capitalistic world of ours that I have found a great outlet for my angst. However, I don’t want Google to conquer the galaxy either. Can’t we all just get along!?

I’d much rather spend time severing the heads of evil spawns, shredding ghouls, and dismembering the creepy crawlies from the darkest pits of the Underworld than reading how Facebook will “yet again” revolutionize my life. Ha!

Here’s to a wonderful weekend of the aforementioned tasks as well as a beautiful bike ride and Aces!

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