Bustin’ Out the Stress Meter

Happy Hump Day,

How do you cope with stress when your primary coping mechanisms require a huge time commitment? Who knows…

Despite much rejoicing over the end of what is probably the worst semester in my life, the summer “relaxation” I was expecting does not seem to be in swing yet, if ever. I haven’t gotten a chance to regroup, collect my thoughts, get outside long enough, or put in my badly needed training hours. And then, I’m out of town the next two weekends. Oh joy, I can’t freaking wait… Who needs to hold it together before a huge race?! Might as well just pile on the stress some more.

  • Lack of focus – My brain is jumping around between 500 different things at once ranging from airplane flights to grocery store trips, bike repairs to hotel reservations, and an overwhelming dose of lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition, and just about any other stress causation item in the book.
  • Stressed – I thought life was supposed to get good again once finals ended. What the heck!? Instead of a relaxing three weeks before summer school kicks in, it looks like it’s going to be the month from hell.
  • Angst – I don’t think I realize how much I rely on my coping strategies to deal with the simply inhuman amounts of stress I drag with me constantly. When I’m in my groove things are great, but then I hit a speed bump, my routine shatters like a house of glass, and chaos ensues!
  • Worry – Worrying is probably my greatest weakness… the complete and utter loss of control drives me insane, and it seems to be a perpetual vortex of swirling terror. To burn off my worry, I stay up too late watching a show and relaxing but then I sleep through my alarm so I’m pissed I missed exercise, and then something unplanned comes up at lunch so now I’ve lost two opportunities to exercise. Following that, of course I have post work plans so naturally I stay up again too late and the cycle repeats itself.
  • Sleeping in – Sleeping in is great when you aren’t panicking that you should be using the time to train. I just don’t seem to have time for anything! I can’t train cause I’m exhausted. I can’t sleep cause I’m stressed. Blah, blah blah…

The summer I had envisioned simply doesn’t exist at the moment. My semester simply demanded everything from me and I haven’t touched my trumpet in months. There is no opportunity in the next three weeks for wondrous relaxation to happen, and as much as I’m looking forward to a trip to Boise, peace and calm just aren’t in the mix.

Vacations don’t seem to help, trips for weddings out of town still bring their own version of stress, and then with all the recovery time I’m trying to use for myself friends feel like they’re being ignored… great.

Nothing spells “recipe for disaster” like an awesome combination of being away from a routine, tired, worn out, and having an empty fridge.

Regardless, onwards to the weekend!

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