Relationships: Better Than a Hidden Treasure

Happy Tuesday,

Hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. I was pretty stoked to get my first half-century ride in of the year and was very glad that the nasty weather had blown away. Only a week and a half to the next race!

I had a very interesting weekend… It was fulfilling in some areas and lacking in others. I am still trying to figure that out.

I had the privilege of going to two very dear friend’s wedding, and what a joyous occasion it was. I have known both of them for over ten years, and ironically enough, they first met at my house several years ago. It was weird watching them tie the knot because they’re moving away, and who knows when I’ll see them again. Naturally, that got me thinking…

I like to think of myself as self-sufficient, driven, hopeful, and one who internalizes. I tend to not need people, and often times find them a nuisance and a hassle. It’s not even that I think they will let me down, it’s just that I would much rather take responsibility and deal with the consequences on my own. It certainly explains my love for triathlon. No teammates required!

However, it seems to be the times in my life when I rely on my self-sufficiency that everything seems to crap out. I value my relationships far too much to simply ignore them, whether friends, family, or romantic, and it’s often hard for me to find that balance between independence and a healthy dependency. My time catching up with old high school friends was absolutely fantastic, and it was so wonderful just sharing ridiculous memories of past shenanigans. Those relationships are a true treasure in my life!

It was also nice to cash in on some quality time with my parents. It is a very rare occurrence where we can just sit and exist and share whatever is on our mind at that particular moment. It’s very refreshing to be with people who know you almost better than you know yourself and who have known you all your life. That knowledge and love is hard to come by…

Looking back over the years, it’s not my motivation or drive or independence that has gotten me where I am but the support and love and care of people in my life who have been there when I needed an extra boost. I don’t know how many times I’ve taken people for granted, but I’m sure it’s been a regular occurrence.

It is a tad late to make another New Year’s resolution, but since I’m doing so well not biting my nails it seems appropriate. I hope to make sure each person I have a close relationship with feels valued and treasured, because without them, I wouldn’t be much. No MBA student. No triathlete. And certainly not the short Hobbit who always seems to need a haircut.

There are many petty things in life such as cars, houses, careers, and other possessions, but it’s the relationships that you build and tend to and grow that will last you a lifetime. Those are irreplaceable.

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