3 Reasons Why I Will Never Understand the Passage of Time

And Monday is back! Hope the weekend was a good one.

The passage of time is something that affects us all but is probably the least understood thing in the universe (besides women of course).

Without a doubt, it just doesn’t make sense or follow any rhyme or reason. You would think something that impacts people as much as time does would be more understood by people instead of being one of the most ambiguous things in the world.

  • Things aren’t what they seem – I thought I had three calm, peaceful weeks to enjoy before school started. Well, I had three weeks but they’ve turned out to be neither peaceful nor calm. School begins in seven days and I have yet to have a “normal” weekend and I won’t get one before either. Silly half Ironman races getting in the way…
  • It’s the exact opposite of what you want – The tough times drag oh so slowly as they grind you down and wear you out, and the good times go by so quick that you wonder if they even happened at all.
  • Surprises abound – Being a planner, nothing annoys me more than having something unexpected pop up into my plans and seemingly ruin everything. Naturally, it usually works out for the better but it’s still a change that I have to deal with, and seeing as how change is not my strong point, it usually serves as a cause for frustration.

The summer is here, but with it comes summer school. The next six weeks will be interesting, and I think interesting is the only way to describe it. It’s a time of being busy and stressed and having my brain all over the place, but I suppose it’s just part of the adventure…

The latter half of the summer will be just as frantic but at least I’ll have a little more time before school resumes than this first go round.

I find it pretty cool that I will start and end my summer school session with a half Ironman on either end. I guess that’s something to look forward to! It’s really hard for me to believe that it’s been ten months since I first ventured into the ultra-endurance world. Let’s hope the continuation is worth it!

What issues do you have with time passage?

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