The Path of the Ironman

Happy Hump Day!

I must admit, I have never signed up for an Ironman before, and in the wake of the toll of summer school, it was quite a chaotic experience…

It has been a very frustrating race season with basically nothing going according to the triathlon success plan. It’s been very difficult to balance school, work, life, training, friends, training, etc. and has resulted in far more frustration than enjoyment of the successes and adventures.

That is all capped off by some annoying injuries, which obviously limit training time and a positive outlook on life, as well as just lack of sleep and energy and school pressures.

As usual with any triathlon, I used the next day to catch up on some needed R&R and treated myself to a massage. Strangely enough, the registration for Ironman Coeur d’Alene opened at noon, the precise moment when my massage was to begin. So, like any good triathlete, I excused myself to the bathroom and frantically opened the registration page on my smartphone, smashing my virtual keyboard with both thumbs at the speed of light.

Since the Lake Tahoe Ironman sold out in less than a day, I was not going to let my opportunity pass me by again. After an awkward five minutes or so, I emerged successful! The Ironman registration bill had been paid and I was well on my way. Only 364 training days remained…

It’s a long road ahead and I’ve no clue what’s in store. After the initial shock of “this 140 mile race is really going to be happening” I quickly became overwhelmed and rather horrified of the whole thing. Seven years is a long time to prepare for anything, and not to bash anyone’s advanced degrees, but it’s a much bigger deal than even achieving those. I’m loading up on books, articles, new triathlon gear, and annual leave days to make the most out of this experience. I always wonder what it will feel like next June 24th to be an “Ironman” and I await that day with anticipation, anxiety, and utter excitement.

I don’t think the impact the training will have on my life will become real until later this fall… I have considered myself a rather busy person the past years and don’t really know where I’m going to cram it all in. But this is a priority, and an expensive one at that. There’s no turning back and I won’t be stopped! The disappointment and letdowns of this season are only reassurance that the sport of triathlon cannot be planned to the last detail, and if something can go wrong, it and everything else probably will too.

The best part of the adventure is that Iron Man is my superhero of choice, and it coincides nicely with becoming an Ironman. As stated in many blogs, superheros set the precedent for the “normal” ones of us without super powers, but really life is just a quest to develop and gather those new abilities or knowledge. Perhaps we can’t fly, but we are empowered to change the world. And what a power that is…

What is your journey that you’re on?

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