The Power of Persistence

Winston Churchill never never never give up

I’m not going to lie, I’m getting kind of annoyed with all of the practice I’m getting in being flexible and changing plans and just going with the flow. For once this summer, I just wish something would go according to plan. Just one thing. Anything!  I feel like that isn’t that much to ask for…

I’m sure it doesn’t help being stretched in ten million directions along with school and struggling through a disappointing triathlon season, but come on people, I can’t even have simple weekend plans go in the general direction of hoped-for anticipation. Yes, they’re fun and seem to workout, but when I’m juggling workouts and plans and change in plans and not having plans, it kind of adds up on the stress meter.

I have always been able to persist through life, and for some reason it comes naturally to me more than some people I’ve bumped into during my journeys. Not to say that it’s easy, but weathering the tough times seems to be a strength. And now, mostly for worse, that strength is being tested. The summer of 2011 was an insanely fantastic summer where everything came together in a cool and awesome way that was not only unexpected but sorely needed. This summer just kind of sucks… a lot.

With all unpleasant things in life, the only option I see is to continue persevering in the face of all unpleasantness, disappointment, and other letdowns. Perseverance always has the power to surprise and uplift and motivate, it just doesn’t feel like it at the moment. The 4th of July is always a blast, but it also signals that summer is on its way out… well hooray, the fall semester is around the corner. Good thing summer school is almost done!

Fortunately, Mr. Churchill said it best…

Never, never, never give up.

-Winston Churchill

How do you leverage persistence to stay upbeat?

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  1. It seems so easy of a practice to persevere! It is hard though! Recently after a string of broken relationships, illness and divorce, a very smart counselor told me to focus on my blessings instead of my problems. Amazing transformation in my life, the blessings grow and minimize the problems! Like your blog!

    1. Thanks for the response! That is very good advice, and it is so hard sometimes to just focus on the blessings. Hopefully you have a great summer ahead of you with your new found enthusiasm and encouragement! :-)

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