Be Extraordinary… Be Yourself!

It’s been about a year since I last banged out some thoughts on being happy vs. being content, and the cycle seems to have rolled around again…

This hasn’t really been a happy summer. Sure, it’s had some good adventures, and there’s lots of things to look forward to (like open water races) but all in all, and its been less than stellar.

I can definitely say that I’m not happy about most of how it has turned out, and I’m still struggling with whether or not I’ve been content with it. I was tickled that my summer school class went well, despite sucking all of the life out of me, but I’m having issue with putting the rest into the “content box.”

The simple fact of life is that it will be a roller coaster, I get that. But I feel that even roller coasters have more of a high than what I seem to have gotten. Despite the turn of events, I don’t know that I would change anything either. I understand that things happen for a reason, blah blah, doesn’t make digesting this any easier.

The only plausible solution I’ve come up with is to just be myself, for that’s when life seems to get a little bit better (even if only temporarily). The great thing about living is that no one is exactly like me, and that can be exciting in a very roundabout way, but that is also something to embrace and promote. I’m me and you aren’t, so outta my way!

I’m sure that sometime in the future, the balance of life will be restored (for a bit). Until then, I suppose I’ll just have to settle with being myself, being pushed and jolted along the torrential river of life, reaching for a gasp of fresh air wherever it is to be found.

Life isn’t so bad when you’re yourself… it’s unfortunate more people choose not to be themselves! I don’t really feel the urge to apologize for myself, and if you don’t like how I am as me, then you’re welcome to your opinion. Just don’t vocalize it too much! :P

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