Perceptions of an Imaginative Mind

Taco Tuesday! Nom nom nom…

Continuing on my previous blog and the idea of endless wonderment, I felt like diving further into the idea of the imagination and how it affects and impacts our lives, no matter what career, pursuit of knowledge, or other activities and hobbies we chase. Your imagination is the bridge between the “cans” and the “impossibles.” Only an imagination can break through the limits of possibility and create unique and alternate approaches to reality.

I’m sure many of you can appreciate the idea of young kids asking “why, why, why” and “how come” because their minds are curious and full of energy and exploratory thoughts and wanting to understand everything. That enthusiasm and youth seems to be sucked out of us as we grow older unless we continue to foster and grow and tend to our need to learn.

Once again, the Theory U book comes through with a very insightful piece of knowledge. Just as we have organs that provide us the five senses of touch, taste, sight, feel, and smell, our imagination is also a very critical piece of the metaphysical makeup of our being that provides us with creativity, thoughts outside the box, and the thirst to explore and delve into the unknown.

“…Imagination becomes an organ of perception.” 

You cannot really live life to fullest without all of your organs. Some are life critical, others provide you sensory information that you can live without, but each organ in the body functions within a very specialized role to do some specific operation. The imagination is no different, and is critical to sustaining the creative and boundary-breaking side of our personalities. As a very wise woman once said, you should learn something new everyday. Well, I’ll take that a step further. The day you stop using your imagination is the day you cease being a human…

Animals don’t get the privilege of wondering and imagining and thinking, at least I’ve never seen my pet rats scribble out a math equation describing the area under a sphere, and it’s our duty to utilize our imaginations to not only create solutions to the world’s problems but to fully utilize and explore being human. Wonderment and imagination are inseparable, and even though people use their imaginations to picture different things, they are all totally valid and no one is entitled to take those thoughts away from you because they’re yours.

For me, my imagination serves as my motivation for tackling challenges. If I or someone else even hints that I’m incapable of doing something, I will immediately begin imagining up the pieces of the puzzle that I will need to assemble to climb that mountain successfully. Fortunately, the imagination is free and only gets better with time as you gain experiences through living your life as yourself.

How does your imagination spark creativity in your life?

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