Where Is My Ticket Out of Here?

The weekend is within striking distance but is alluding my grasp just enough.

Summer is ending. That is no longer speculation and is quickly turning into a fact. In 25 days, all hell will break loose yet again on the University of Nevada campus as the incoming Freshmen swarm the campus devouring knowledge and food as they go.

2012 has been a weird year… one which will likely end up being “that” year after the epicly fantastic 2011. I haven’t done a very good job of keeping a list of the great things that have been happening because, well, frankly I can’t seem to remember most of them. I know that they’re out there I just don’t know where to look.

My friends are still around, the job is steady (although crazy with the regular summer chaos), and school is about to begin again. For some reason, everything just feels different. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m almost 26, or maybe that I’m starting my 8th year living in Reno. Who knows? My ritualistic escape into the triathlon world has failed to blunt my fears, and instead has just created a dull ache where there used to be post-race rejoicing (along with a sharp pain in the shins).

Life is cyclical and I’m a slow learner… some things never change. Blah blah.

My consolation prize for the summer will be swimming Donner Lake this weekend. Not just in the lake, but across it. Hooray! After that I will just need to bike 100 miles and I’ll be all set for experiencing my Ironman-esque events. Should be good times!

I feel like I’m being squeezed. Not like a friendly “hug-a-teddy bear” squeeze but a brutal smashing and scraping a lemon into gooey bits squeeze. Lemonade has its place but is now really the time? Guess I won’t find out… at least it’s a good opportunity to pick up a sleek new tri-bike :-)


Picture credit 1. Picture credit 2.


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