Beat the Sun Out of Bed And Exercise Your Way to A Great Day

Happy Hump Day,

With temperatures scraping through the triple digits, it’s pretty brutal trying to exercise after the clock hits 5 PM. I’m quite pleased with myself that I’m beginning to get back into my exercise routine and early morning wake ups! With the summer coming to an end, the only thing that will preserve my sanity will be the re-establishment of my reassuring morning workouts.

I always like leaping out of bed (even though it’s usually crawling) into my training gear and hitting the road or the pool or hopping into my cycling shoes. My brain feels sharper on days when I exercise before work compared to days when I have to lug around my gym bag waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Exercise isn’t always calming, but it is conducive to processing and helping to prioritize my thoughts and actions needed. My productivity also increases as my focus becomes laser like, and I get far more done on days when I’ve been able to decompress through exercise than days where I long to get my body moving.

I’d almost forgotten how much I valued early morning exercising. It seems to have lost its way in the last 12 weeks of summer but it is here to return! Exercise gives me a razor’s edge on the day, and increases energy and enthusiasm for life. Never a bad thing!

Even in the midst of a less-than-remarkable summer, I still found a bit of emotional encouragement pedaling my way out to Verdi on my last ride:

“Even hills have their ups and downs…”


Exercise won’t solve all your problems, but it will certainly take a load off! Find some time to get away from the desk for a stroll, grab a snack in a different office, or just get up and move at lunch time! The benefits can quite possibly be the best part of your day.

What morning routines help you cope?


  1. There’s nothing like an early morning workout, especially one that’s outside. I always felt like running was even a little bit easier in the morning because sometimes I’m so tired that I don’t even realize I’m running until it’s almost over (if that makes sense). Zombie runs, I guess. Instinct just takes over and it’s easier to push hard.

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