Happy Friday Poem

Browsing the Interwebs, I found this fantastic poem worth sharing! The original post can be found here:

It’s been a crazy week but hopefully a good one. Campus seems to be taking  a huge breath before the plunge, and I guess I’m pretty excited for my last academic year hitting the books! Whoohoo!

The interesting thing about working in higher education is that we seem to have two “New Years.” The first, naturally, is the end of August when school starts because that has a far greater impact on our calendar and life. The other is the calendar New Year which has far less impact but I feel like 2013 is trying to seep into my life already. AHHH!

Without further ado, the Friday Poem:

Friday is most certainly the greatest of days.
The reasons it’s great are too many to say.
But with that said, I’ll try to explain
Why Friday is better than a day without rain.

You see on Friday, you can work with a smile.
You need only work, for a little while.
For the weekend is near and then you can play.
Much fun to be brought by the most generous of days.

And generous it is, as morning treats can attest.
The cream filled donuts are definitely the best.
But don’t dare forget, the bagels are good too.
If there’s none in your office, that’s too bad for you.

Friday isn’t all treats and happy things.
There is but one obstacle the day does bring.
And that, my friend, is the slowing of time.
But if you can bare it, you’ll do just fine.

So join with me and laugh and cheer.
The work week’s end is drawing near.
Join with me and praise this day.
I’ve said what I’ve said, and I’ve nothing more to say.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

BTW- there are no bagels or doughnuts on the Death Star.  Only misery instilled into the coffee pot.

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