The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Good Morning,

I’ve strayed from the blogging bandwagon for a bit, but hopefully I can fix that before school starts.

It’s the last week of summer. Technically, we’re still in the summer season, but the beginning of school is happening soon! Definitely excited for my last year in grad school. Definitely not excited to have to be writing papers again, haha!

Synergy is a recurring theme in the classroom, the business world, relationships, and so on. The idea of combining forces to have a greater benefit than the two forces working independently is a key aspect of life and the primary idea behind teamwork. Similar to a strengths assessment, knowing how you work with people in collaboration to break through obstacles that you normally wouldn’t be able to is a critical component of life.

The real kicker is that since people contribute more than their “contribution value” to a team, when they are removed from a group, it subtracts more than than it normally would. For example, Bob and Jane are each worth one, however, when they work together their productivity equals three. They go along producing at three until one of them is reassigned to another team in which case they are now each worth just one (their original value). You reap greater gains and experience greater loss when valuable people work together or are separated.

If you have someone who makes you feel like a million dollars and they’re whisked elsewhere, you’re back to being just you. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you also need to find ways to get back toward that million dollar level without the synergy of someone else. When you’re used to being a team and then suddenly you’re the only one in your corner temporarily it’s kind of a wake up call and reality check. It’s time to keep it together and to look forward to the synergy again at some later point down the road.

Life is full of change, blah blah, and I’m tired of it, but it’s really the only constant in life *gags at the cliche*. If grad school and the professional world are both about learning, then learn I shall!

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