The Man of Steel (cut Oatmeal)

Happy Hump Day!

The semester is off to a great start and the scorching desert weather is beginning to wane. The smell of freshman fear (and excitement) is in the air, and, yet again, they look like they’re 14.

The title of this blog may seem super random, and actually it popped into my head during a recent bike ride. I’ve always enjoyed munching on steel cut oatmeal and also enjoy superheros. Why not combine the two?

It’s very strange for me to be starting my last fall semester as a student ever. Really, it’s hard to believe that I’ve been pursuing my MBA for over a year and a half and I’m now on the home stretch! Good stuff really, but will I be prepared for what’s on the other side of the hill? Next year will be chaotic, insane, stressful, totally awesome, and many other things. Even at it’s least exciting moments, next year will be crazy! I don’t know very many people who get an MBA and complete an Ironman within five weeks of each other. Needless to say, I’m stoked.

My survival strategy has yet to be determined, but I’m scrambling around to best maintain balance and sanity and everything else I hold dear. Here’s a brief scrambling of my thoughts:

  • Focus – I’m a multi-tasker and a problem solver, and I like to solve multiple problems at once. The problem with that is when there are multiple problems and multiple commitments it results in exponential increases in my stress levels and can easily lead to multiple aneurysms!
  • Balance – I’ve always been one to rock the boat as much as possible on the way to toying with my sanity, and this semester won’t really be much different. That whole “work-life balance” thing will really come into play, especially with all the crazy antics that will be taking place. I’ll need to make time for those video game days more often I guess…
  • Dedication – Even though graduation is around the corner, school isn’t necessarily my top priority. School is important, and succeeding even more so, but really my training will just take center stage for the next 32 weeks plus Christmas break. Bring it on!

All in all, the last quarter of the year will be fantastic, if not stupendous. Wolf Pack football is about to take the town by storm (always a solid adventure) and fall is on the way. September, after all, is the best time of the year.

I hope that you all are bracing for the coming months, however, if you aren’t racing a coyote down the backstreets of Verdi at 6:18 in the morning, perhaps you aren’t enjoying life enough… I’m just sayin’ ;-)

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