Do Something That Will Last For a Century

Good Morning Tuesday!

My apologies for a rather embarrassing LOA from the blogging world. Time management has apparently become a major issue as the last quarter of the year begins. Does anyone know where 2012 went!? Gah!

Grad school is great, always pushing me to the edge of my academic knowledge (and sanity). Now that I’m 26, I feel a bit more entitled to make fun of the freshman who look 13, but other than that not much is different.

As always, my business ethics class prompts tons of great discussion topics as well as some great food for thought. We went round and round on what an ethical decision consisted of, and the main point that was prompted was would you make a decision if it was to be plastered all over the front of the Wall Street Journal for the world to see? Would you make a decision that you weren’t proud to tell your kids about? The list goes on and on…

All of my decisions I try to make as ethical and with good intentions as possible. I not only have to manage my own reputation but also the reputation of anyone close to me. I should be making decisions that I wouldn’t mind being published to the front page of a global newspaper, and I certainly shouldn’t make decisions that I would be ashamed to tell my family about. In 100 years, if I were to look back, I would hope that the decisions I made were still in good taste…

On that note, my other decision that will last for a century is literally a 100 mile bike ride! I’ve never done one before but I’m pretty stoked. I literally know less than 10 people who have ever done that, and I’m excited to tack my name onto the list. I’ve conquered marathons, 2.4 mile swims, and half Ironman races, and I’m trying to move up the tier as I prepare for next June. It’s all fun and games until you get chaffing burn :( As always, I’m excited for new experiences, especially for one that I’m just too ignorant to fear. Ahhh, ignorance is bliss!

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