Cashin’ in on the Race Season

And we’re back at Monday. Whoohoo!

The race season has finally come to a close after a pretty sweet Century out in Fallon. You don’t really appreciate how far a mile is until you have to ride 100 of them, and the mental and physical game really begins to take its toll after 75 miles. Nothing like a little cycling adventure to spice up homecoming weekend followed by an awesome football game coming to a momentous ending in OT!

January (start of season training) was a really long time ago, and the time has passed quickly and slowly, pleasantly and painfully. I always wonder how insane I would actually be going if I didn’t have a race season to help keep my head on straight. This was not my greatest race season to date and it certainly wasn’t the most fun. I didn’t have any monumental time-crushing races although I made improvements in every area. And in the big picture, I completed each of the three Ironman distances individually so I suppose that counts as a success! 140.6 can only evade me for so long.

It’s fun for me to look back on the nine months of hardcore training and go digging through the data I collect. (I gather all workout data for the month). Just as an FYI for those of you who are curious what a triathlete does in their “free time”, here’s my training and racing time and distance breakdowns:


Swimming – 119.4 miles / 66 hours

Biking – 1400.2 miles / 77.4 hours

Running – 271.3 miles / 39.5 hours

Weights – 29.5 hours

Total – 1790.9 miles / 212.4 hours


Swimming – 8.45 miles / 4.06 hours

Biking – 206.8 miles / 11.02 hours

Running – 62.6 miles / 8.4 hours

Have a great week! And keep on keepin’ on! 2013 and the Ironman it brings will soon be here.

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  1. I just couldn’t help myself to provide this. I hope you find the following “train-per-gain” and cost benefit ratio stats of interest:

    · Swimming: 119.4 / 8.45 = 14.1

    · Biking: 1400.2 / 206.8 = 6.77

    · Running: 271.3 / 62.6 = 4.33

    This means you are spending a lot more time/mile at swimming than biking or running, whatever that means.


    Larry Aaron

    702-429-2658 (cell)

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