Why The Fall Time Change Sucks

Well, I’m alive… and blogging again. Sorry, it’s been a crazy two weeks!

Indianapolis was a fun adventure and break from reality. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with that city. And Midwesterners are kind of strange :P They’re far too nice!

This time of year always upsets me. Not just because baseball season is over (worst World Series ever!) but because the time change just ruins everything. My spring and summer is jam packed with fun outdoor activities, lounging around in the sun, chilling at the lake, hikes, road trips, and a myriad of other activities. Fall is quite nice too with football games and drinking hot apple cider (RH and Mike), but the time change is just additional icing on an already depressing cake. Here’s a few reasons:

  1. Lack of sun – Oh look, I get to work before the sun rises and leave after the sun sets. Awesome… so much for getting my Vitamin D fix for the day! Might as well hibernate another four hours.
  2. Cold weather – Yuck… in a perfect world, winter should last only for December, January, and February, the worst months of the twelve. I just feel like people are happier when it’s warm. As much as the idea of pjs and movies makes me happy it just doesn’t hold any water compared to an 85 degree day at the park.
  3. Laziness – I’m the first to admit that the lack of sun and chilliness that accompanies it is exponentially more likely to land me in front of my XBOX with a cup of hot chocolate. I don’t mind being lazy, but I’d prefer feeling slightly more productive! Who wants to get out of class when it’s 30 degrees outside!? No thanks…
  4. Fall Back – Really!? When in the course of history has there ever been an example of something good happening when someone says FALL BACK!? I feel like anytime a military incursion has occurred with a commander yelling “fall back” that nothing positive ever resulted from that action…

The good thing about the fall time change is that you get an extra hour of sleep that night… but we all know that 99.9% of the time you’re hanging out with your people and all you stay out an extra hour because, well, you have an extra hour! And just for kicks, here’s some freaking dolphins.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great end to the week. Remember, clocks change November 4th at 2:00 am! Don’t be early to something on Sunday! Cheers.

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  1. Lack of sun: Move to Vegas. Only 15 or so days of rain per year
    Cold weather: Move to Vegas. Temperate most of the winter, a bit warm in the summer but “it’s a dry heat.”
    Laziness: Sell the XBox; give up the HC—it’s fattening! :-)
    Fall Back: OK, spring forward if you want to but you’ll be off 2 hours from the rest of the region

    You can see the kind of mood that I’m in.

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