How Swimming Can Solve All Of Your Problems

Happy Thursday!

Another holiday weekend is upon us, and before you know it Thanksgiving will be on our doorstep and the turkey and stuffing will soon be swelling our stomachs.

There are many problems in life that don’t have clear solutions: world poverty, our national debt, Leia Organa becoming a Disney princess… the list goes on and on. Personally, I have found that there is not a single problem that swimming cannot fix or at least contribute to the solution. Examples:

  •  Therapy – For the cost of two movies tickets, you can get all the gear you need to at least begin processing life on your end. Goggles and a swimsuit unlock the door to a submerged world where you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone, and your thoughts are just that: your thoughts. No judgments or thinking out loud, just the clicking hum of your brain churning on the activities of life.
  • Kick-starting your subconscious –  The subconscious realm is clearly something I don’t (and can’t understand), but I do know that it holds the secrets to my decision making. Getting into a routine allows your creative juices to flow and to tap into the unknown realm where your true self lies.
  • Getting in shape – I don’t care what people say, arguably, swimming is the best way to go from flabby to ripped. There’s a reason I don’t associate “swimming” with “leisure.” I spend my time torching my aerobic and anaerobic system, not daintily floating on a freaking pool noodle. Treat your joints and your heart well, and get in the bloody pool and swim a few miles!
  • Eating more – If you’re someone who just wants to eat more, because well, eating is fun, then swimming is your ticket. Nothing like spiking your metabolism and eating everything in sight to help you deal with life’s problems.
  • Financial troubles – Stop spending money on outrageous workout equipment, expensive Crossfit gyms, or diets that aren’t actually good for you. Swimming is affordable and gets the job done faster than you can say MichaelPhelpsSwimsFasterThanYouRun.
  • Self-esteem – Swimming is sexy. So are the people who swim… make it a habit and the world is your oyster!  You can feel great, emotionally and physically, and have the physique to show for it. Who wouldn’t want broad shoulders, massive lats, and toned muscles to boot?

Life is complicated. Life is busy. Life is unfair. Life sucks. Life is an adventure. Make the most of it by finding something you love and doing it!

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