Onwards and Upwards – The Race to the Top

This is it! The final week of class… it’s been a really long 30 days but I’m readjusting my life and I have my sights set higher than before. It’s an exciting time to be me, not that there is ever a boring time to be yourself, but especially as the year closes, things are looking up!

You would think I’d learn to quit racing through life, but for this go round the top is simply the end of the year, and then it will plateau as I gear up for 2013, which will be nothing short of epic. I’m not going to lie, it’s time to say goodbye to 2012. And good riddance… 2013 can’t possibly be any worse which means it will be phenomenal :-)

  • Meet new peeps – Expanding your social circle is a great way to readjust life and patch the potholes. New people bring new perspectives, thoughts, ideas, and even more new people. It’s a win-win as you never know who your new friends may be.
  • Go see a show – Get dressed up, go out with your people, tear up the town, give folks around you a reason to wish they were hanging out with you and your gang! It’s pretty easy dredging through the unpleasant parts of life when you have an awesome group of friends who are always there to support you and cheer you along your way.
  • Get back to your roots – I have  a horrible habit of burying the things that make me me, and I often have to circle back around and get back to what I really value and cherish. I love learning, I (surprisingly) love going to school, and I’d jump in front of traffic for most of my friends. I love tooting out tunes on the trumpet and going on adventures, and especially love eating. It’s funny how other things that you think are important can take up your time, and you may even allow it to consume your life, until one day you get cracked over the head and realize you’ve given away many of the things that make you unique. Well, no more!
  • Cement the Ironman plan – It’s game time! I have 6.5 months until the big show and from here on out, it’s a bloody adventure! I’ve got my 28 week training plan on the books and I’m already mentally preparing for the 10.5 hour experience. I read everything I can get my hands on, pick up new equipment when I need it, and just enjoy the whole process. There’s a reason February – October is my favorite time of year. It’s race season!


When I reach the end of 2012, I’m not expecting a checkered flag or a party with balloons, and frankly I know what awaits. It will simply be another cascading mountain range, just like it’s always been. But that is OK by me. Just as in life, the beach is pitiful compared to mountains. The beauty and majesty of mountain ranges is where nature can be seen at its finest. There will never be a shortage of mountainous obstacles to traverse, so we might as well get our practice in right now.

Within reason, I am creating the change that I want in my life in preparation for 2013. How are you handling your end to the year?

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