26,272 Reasons Why Friday is Awesome

Good Morning! The sun is shining, the tank is clean! Errr… never mind.

Friday just instills a feeling of happiness in those around me and for good reason. Friday rocks! I’m officially done with instruction for the semester and just have to destroy my two finals and then I’m home free for five weeks! YESSSsssssss!

It’s the time of year when the hubbub and chaos and frantic holiday shopping seems to cause more stress than promote relaxation, and it’s always a nice, joyful time as well, but the focus seems to be misplaced. I know people who are far more concerned about the gift buying than they are the quality time with their friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, presents are great and I love finding just the right one for people but there is much more to the season than gift wrapping (surprisingly). Anyways, I digress..

Friday is awesome because… and no, I’m not giving you 26,272 reasons…

  • Even when things go horribly wrong, it’s still “Friday.” The worst days are fixed instantly once you step out of your office for the day and are re-released upon the free world. 
  • No matter how you spin it, Friday’s are the beginning of something awesome. If you had a phenomenal week at work it’s time to enjoy your accomplishments and dwell on how awesome you were as an employee. If you had a terrible week, it’s time to cut loose and burn off your stress and get your life together in order to have a better week when Monday rolls around. It’s a win-win-win-win-win!
  • It’s not Tuesday. DONE.
  • Nothing screams epic like waking up on a Friday realizing that your weekend is almost upon you.
  • Friday means that you have two whole days to do whatever you want, even if that entails chores, shopping, errands, and other miscellaneous and less than thrilling activities. A healthy dose of triathlon training thrown into the mix also fixes things!
  • The weight of the world is lifted, even if only temporarily. Every good weekend consist of you blobbing for some measurable amount of time to de-stress and enjoy life (or a good book).
  • It’s good for going to the movies! Movie going is one of my favorite activities and it’s much more fun on the weekends. Come on Jack Reacher, Django Unchained, and THE Hobbit.
  • Friday’s are like “swim days”… they fix all of your problems!


Here’s to a wonderful weekend and the end of the semester. Make sure to unwind and relax because if you’re anything like me, your candle has been burning at both ends for a minimum of six months. I feel a New Years resolution coming on…

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