The 12-12-12 Blog

Happy Hump Day! It’s 12-12-12 at 12:12:12. Epic. This also happens to be my 180th blog! Whoohoo!

Today is a momentous occasion. It is officially 12-12-12 day and a happy one at that! These kinds of days don’t happen often, and in fact, you’ll have to wait the better part of a century until it happens again. Days like today remind me of momentous events in my life such as 1999 New Year’s Eve, 1-1-01, college graduation and other such days.

It’s very strange to think that the year 2000 was well, 12 freaking years ago! The time has flown… I’ve changed from a chubby 14 year old to a less chubby 26 year old with goals and dreams and visions and tri skillz! Haha, but seriously, the changes in a relatively short amount of time are pretty incredible. I’m sure that you all have changed as well. It’s refreshing and scary to think about the past, and sometimes even more frightening thinking about the future. At least I know that it won’t be boring…

Of all the things I have learned, and there are a great many, the one that still rings loudly is that you have to be yourself. No one gets to be Russell Aaron, it’s all on me, and that is something worth sharing. Unique means just that, our experiences are one of a kind. We’re steaming toward an exciting year; an exciting new chapter in my life. Out with the old, in with the new. There’s nothing to stop me from running (in a positive way) towards the future! All or nothing baby!


I don’t really remember thinking about 2012 although I sure thought 2011 was pretty awesome, and now here we are at the end of yet another year. I hope that I used my 12 months productively because we’re about to inherit a new batch for 2013. The value of time is ever increasing, especially as it goes faster and faster, and sometimes that makes it harder to appreciate. I know that I’ve been blessed by a great many things this year, awesome friends to say the least, wonderful educational experiences, and getting the time to rediscover who I actually am as a person. Now that we’ve made it through the year it will be time to reevaluate how I spend my time and hopefully back off on the craziness a little bit. I could benefit from a dosage (or 17) of the chill pill and hopefully now is the time.

What have some of your favorite “cool days” been? How have you changed since then?

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  1. Great memories? Live concerts with Gordon Lightfoot (before he was big star, about 50of us there) and Peter Paul & Mary (already way too popular and crowded but captivating, all the same).

    How have I changed? Nada, I still love listening to Gordon Lightfoot and Peter Paul & Mary.

  2. Do you really have 1300 followers???? Congrats!

    Did you use a new effect on your photo? Cool!

    This is low tech, but I want to make a scrapbook page w/a photo each from 1-1-01, 2-2-02, etc. thru one for this month (we’ll cheat a bit on the date – I’ll get it when we’re all together). Can’t wait till then!

    Love, Mom

  3. Well I think that means 1300 people have signed up for updates on something. I’m not really sure but I hope so! And yea, I used a more stylized version. It seemed a little more fun! Thoughts? That’s a great idea for the scrapbook and sounds like a plan!

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