5 Steps to Surviving Christmas

For many of you, you’re bolting out of town or heading for the airport or hopping in a car straight from the office (if you’re unfortunate enough to be working today). Others may just be hanging out in your hometown getting ready to settle down with friends, family, or random peeps to make the most of your Christmas.

Christmas is always an interesting time because it is over-hyped and beaten to death by the time it arrives. Here’s some survival tips!

  1. Always save plenty of room for dessert – Christmas is the one time of the year when I go to town on desserts, and no one will judge you for it. Cookies, M&Ms, delicious pies… it’s not entirely fair! 
  2. Bring your triathlon (training) gear with you – Nothing can ruin your vacation like getting fat, slow, and pudgy. Bring your gear along and stick to your workouts! You’ll feel supercharged, get to eat more delicious food, and still maintain your physique and fitness levels. And the attractive people you bump into at parties will appreciate you for that too :-)
  3. Never skip breakfast – Christmas has far too much opportunity to bust your diet and your belt-line  Make sure to get a healthy, protein-packed breakfast in every day. You’ll eat less of the crap throughout the day and still charge your metabolism.
  4. Relax – For heaven’s sake, sit in a chair and read a bloody book for a few hours! There is no better time than on the holidays to just kick back and enjoy life without the pressure and hustle and bustle. It’s like a free vacation with food!
  5. Skip the eggnog – Trust me, that stuff is just disgusting. Your body will thank you…


Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy your time with friends, family, pets, distant relatives, and Hobbit sized friends!

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  1. You are incorrect. There is nothing better than homemade eggnog, especially ‘nog that’s made with coconut milk. You might want to fix that part of your post =p

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