Post 185 – Or How I’m Getting Back to My Roots

Happy Monday!

Life is back in full swing, everyone is back to a five day work week, and life continues on as normal. Or does it?

The nice thing about a new year is that you get to make out of it what you want. It’s a great chance to resume your self-discovery which may have been put on hold toward the end of the previous year. I thoroughly lost myself in the rush at the end of 2012 but am attempting to fix that as 2013 launches.

  1. Get back into your hobbies – Orchestra starts Thursday which means I have to kick it in gear! I took an unacceptably long time off from playing trumpet (mostly because of grad school) and the time has come to fix that. I am so excited because trumpet has been a huge part of my life for 13 years. I will, however, be better about prioritizing my musical time now. I may not be able to play all of the concerts for the season but playing a few is a lot better than playing none.
  2. Develop an awesome race plan – By this point, most of my friends are tired of hearing about my Ironman, well … too bad! Yes, that is my big “A race” for the year but adding a few other smaller races in there is healthy too. It’s good to have a balance although I am still unsure as to how much racing I will want to do after mashing through a 140 mile race. Should be an adventure! I can always throw a few open water swims in there for kicks!
  3. Board games and low-key nights – I enjoy going downtown for silly shenanigans just like anyone else but really I find that the social sweet spot involves a fun Netflix-filled Friday night on my couch and then snowboarding on Saturday followed by board games. It’s been far too long since “relaxing” and “Saturday night” were used in the same sentence, but I did okay this weekend. As training increases, I will have no choice but to stay in far more than going out, and I’m OK with that.
  4. Enjoy the time before school – The end of schooling is here! In 130 days I will have my MBA. YES!! However, I have two weeks until school starts again so I am going to try and enjoy my free time as much as possible. I always say I’m going to clean my place and catch up on laundry, but really, it never happens (as many can vouch for). Perhaps I should make that change while I still can…

ficus-tree-roots-leontine-vandermeerHere’s to a great January and a great year! How are you getting back to what makes you, you?

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