5 Things That Taste Better Than Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s Taco Tuesday yet again! Whoohoo!

Just so the record is straight, there is nothing that physically tastes better than chocolate chip cookies but I had to hook you somehow…

So far, my blogs in 2013 have been reeling in the visitors and have had a ton of positive feedback, so thank you for reading! Onward to cookie-ness!

  • Recovery breakfast – So you’ve thoroughly torched your body swimming for an hour, ripped through a half marathon, or biked 70 miles.  Nothing is better than making a huge omelette loaded with tasty mushrooms, onions, turkey, bell peppers, steak, beans, and zesty salsa and then proceeding to eat two of them. And four slices of toast. And OJ. And then have lunch an hour later! Ah the satisfaction of being an athlete…
  • Acing a test you thought you bombed – My favorite tale of test success was during my sophomore year of college in my dreaded Accounting 202 class. For the record, I HATE ACCOUNTING! Anyways, I needed an 85% on our last exam in a course I had struggled to maintain a B in all semester. Getting a B meant I got to skip the final, and that pretty much needed to happen.I was convinced I absolutely failed the test… instead, I got a 93%. Needless to say, there was much rejoicing on the drive back to Vegas two days earlier than anticipated!
  • Reunions with friends from long ago – I tend to meet lots of people in my various adventures, travels, and experiences, but there is something special about hanging out with buddies from high school or even people from middle school. You can’t replace relationships you have had for 15 years, and even though things may be a little (or a lot) different, those relationships are still worth treasuring.
  • Hot chocolate – Hot chocolate always tastes amazing, but even more so when it’s 9 degrees outside. It’s been a while since I remember Reno being this cold, but man it sure is good justification for a nice, steamy cup of chocolate goodness. Yum! By the way, don’t order hot chocolate at the Chocolate Bar. It leaves much to be desired… frankly, I was embarrassed for them.
  • Sweet, sweet success – This is the greatest and most subjective item on the list but is also the most true. There is no greater experience in the world than putting the icing on a cake you have been working on for so very long. College graduation, getting a promotion, smoking a half Ironman, writing the great American novel, etc. Often, you establish your own goals and the harder they are the more rewarding they become. Others may often push you in the right direction, but you are often responsible for your own successes. Embrace them!

tech_cookiesSo there’s the thoughts for the day in comparison to cookies. I don’t think I would mind a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies on graduation day though… Happy Tuesday! Also, be sure to share or like on Facebook and Tweet or Google+ to your heart’s content. I’m still trying to increase my reader base, especially throughout the year and need all of the help I can get :-)

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