Getting a Break From Reality

It has officially gotten warmer in Reno! Instead of 15 degrees it’s finally 28. And there was much rejoicing… :(

The semester has begun and I’m sure there will be plenty of students teeming around the Nevada campus with class starting Tuesday. Spring semester is always a time for cold weather and stressful projects but there is also spring break to look forward to and then the Great Thawing. Green and warmth and sun and outdoor activities are only a few months away, assuming we don’t all freeze to death, and that’s some fun news.

I just returned from a trip to the beach and it was a great time of refreshment and relaxation but also a time to gear up for the coming storm of a semester. Spring always causes a great deal of angst in me. School steams onward, training season begins to end as race season approaches, and then the summer of ridiculous overpacked-ness begins. And that’s not a bad thing just a different, more involved time of the year.

This year is going to be one to remember. In less than four months I will have my MBA, be on my way to an Ironman, and will hopefully have developed new friendships and maintained the old ones. It’s an exciting time, and I’m sure it won’t be as fun getting back to reality, but change always seems to bring good things, and I’m ready for some change!

I just got back from vacation at the beach, meaning that I wore shorts and t shirts and worked on my tan. It was a drastic change from the 18 degrees in Reno when I left and it was so nice and enjoyable to train along the beach. I also spent time with grandparents, which as you all know is incredibly tough and stressful. They spoil me to death and feed me all kinds of delicious food AND chauffeur me around. It was too much fun 8-) I also got the chance to reunite with an old friend of mine from middle school and catch each other up on our lives. That’s a relationship worth keeping for sure! I even crossed paths with an old coworker and shenanigans ensued, which is always fun.

milk-chocolate-brownie-chunk-ice-creamDespite having 16 hours of plane rides in four days I had an incredibly relaxing time. I had nowhere to be, finished two different books, and just let the pressures of life not bother me for a few days. I even had a massive bowl of ice cream! As rare as that is, it was absolutely delicious and probably made my vacation that much better.

My takeaways from my time off are this:

  • Work hard, relax frequently – I try to bust my butt at the things that I participate in (work, triathlon, orchestra) but I also try to relax in style. Whether it’s a well deserved movie or a trip across the country, I know that my mental breaks are sorely needed an a must-have for me to make the most of my life. South Africa in 2014 anyone? 
  • Always bring a good book (or three) – Personally, I love reading multiple books at a time. I find it quite relaxing to juggle the Hobbit, a book on the 2009 recession, and a historical account from World War 2 all at the same time. It’s not that I get bored, I just appreciate gathering as much knowledge as possible. The world only gets more fascinating!
  • Maintain your old relationships and make new ones – 1997 was a really long time ago and keeping a relationship alive that long is certainly worth it. You have lots of history with people you’ve known that long, and it’s always fun getting together to swap stories of the “good old days.” However, it also lays a great foundation for maintaining the more current relationships too.
  • Come back refreshed and better than before – The purpose of vacation (although it rarely happens) is to relax, refresh, and reinvigorate yourself for the coming weeks and months. Tackling a new challenge (or 7) is much easier once you’ve seen a new country, explored a new state, or even just road tripped with your peeps. Take your mental breaks often enough, and the “rest” will take care of itself.

Have a wonderful week and be sure to share through your favorite social media channels!

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