4 Steps to Surviving BBLS

Happy Friday!

This blog was prompted by a hilarious conversation I had with someone regarding biker’s and their abnormally large legs. That, and I was having some trouble squeezing into my pants this morning and it wasn’t because the waist was too small. It’s all in good fun so enjoy!

For starters, BBLS is Bigass Biker Leg Syndrome. Haha, I couldn’t help myself! As anyone who has gone pant shopping with me knows, pants are not an easy thing to find, especially with huge thighs and quads. It actually can be quite frustrating (first world problems) sorting through piles and piles of pants to finally find that one pair! Anyways, the person I was talking to made it very clear that they didn’t enjoy biking because it gave them big legs, something I can relate to. What I didn’t understand is that running can give you huge calves, so maybe I missed something, but it was good for a chuckle.

Athletes, especially ones with longer upper bodies and shorter (I’m going with more powerful) legs, have all kinds of clothing issues. Shirts are too tight from swimmer upper bodies and pants constrict around the quads. It’s all so unfair but so worth the fitness benefit. There is almost a guarantee that if I find pants that fit the waist that I will definitely have to get them shortened… here’s some steps for “dealing.”


  1. Appreciate your level of fitness – OK so huge legs may be a small nuisance but then again, you’ve got huge legs! Enjoy. 
  2. Find clothes that fit (and buy them all) – Once I find a pair of jeans I try to purchase that same brand, style, etc. to make sure I never lose it again. Of course, everything changes year to year and the shopping chaos starts all over again.
  3. Make fun of people with chicken legs – I’m sure you all have bumped into a meat-head in the gym with monstrous traps, and gigantic arms and chest muscles but their legs are, well, their legs are an embarrassment and about as skinny as they come. It cracks me up when people focus on the only 45% of their body and leave the other 55% looking like it’s been neglected. Needless to say, a well rounded athlete has muscular upper and lower body muscles.
  4. Love the tan lines – Cycling will, without a doubt, give you the worst tan lines in the world. You can’t possibly escape them so you might as well embrace them. There’s nothing like going to the beach with your friends only to notice a white line lasering across your leg where your bike shorts stopped for the cycling season. There’s not enough sunscreen in the world to save you…

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to tease the cyclists in your life!

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    1. Hey Ironmanandrew,

      I can certainly put a post up of how to survive bird legs, although I wonder how much has to do with anatomy and body structure and how much has to do with training??

      I think you had some phenomenal points on your swim strategy!I would definitely recommend practicing sighting in open water and finding your own little “sliver” to swim in as soon as possible but also with as little stress as possible. The swim is the short event so find a good, solid pace that lets you warm up for the following hours, not that gets you onto the beach first. Also, I love finding someone to pace myself with and then try to beat them to the shore. I find the swim relaxing but then again I’m a swimmer at heart. Also, I’m not terribly afraid to get into the front of the pack before the gun but also don’t stress if people swim by. Pace yourself at your pace, and you will be set for success!

      When are you big upcoming races?

  1. I would be one of those with a longer torso and shorter legs. Its almost impossible to find 32-34 waist and a 28 length. It defiantly got harder last year near the end of the training season to fit in some of the “skinny” jeans my wife had bought me due to the calves and quads being more beastly.
    I prefer my “TriTan” over a bike tan personally. It just looks way more awesome at the pool or beach then you take off your shirt and you have that silly t back white area. :)

    Good luck with the coming season. Let the snow melt in Reno for you soon.

    P.S. I lived in Reno for a good while. I don’t miss the cold weather at all, but I do miss being able to buy a beer on Sunday before noon if I want.

    1. Hey Zliten!

      I know, those waist and length sizes are so freaking hard to find. The calves and quads get ridiculously tight. Where have you find success in getting clothes? Haha, oh the TriTan. It’s true, it is much better at the beach 8-) Thanks and good luck to you as well. What kind of races do you have coming up?

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