3 Reasons Why You Should Be Extraordinary

Ah, the great Taco Tuesday!

This year has absolutely been phenomenal so far! I almost cannot even believe how great it has been. New opportunities, new people, new training activities, new classes, and new tasty foods. 2013 is already making 2012 look incredibly unexciting and rather dull. What more could you ask for?

The world continues to throw me into many different situations, some involving breaks from reality, learning things about myself, or just trying to balance EVERYTHING that is happening. I already feel pulled in 2,000,000 directions and it’s only the second week of school. I guess all I need to do is make it through the next 15 weeks and I’m home free…

I’ve not only been enjoying success at work and in school, but also in my training and in my blog. Readership has absolutely spiked since the beginning of the year and I’m getting some great comments and interactions! Please tell your friends. I love getting feedback and new opportunities to interact :-)

  1. Set yourself apart – There are a lot of people in the world, and you need a way to differentiate yourself from them. Normal is boring. Normal is dull. Normal is blasé! Stand out. Do something worth remembering. Create your legacy!  
  2. Toe up to the starting line – Extraordinary people are ready to step up when they are needed. They aren’t afraid to shoulder extra burdens, take responsibility, make decisions, or be the bigger person. Everyone has challenges and hurdles to deal with, and the extraordinary people come up with extraordinary solutions and think outside the box. Be great. Be extraordinary. Be awesome.
  3. Be the taller blade of grass – Many people are afraid of standing out, being visible, stepping out of their boundaries, going above and beyond. That is one of the great tragedies of our society is not everyone strives to be great. We shouldn’t be afraid to make difficult choices, take calculated risks, make decisions that we may not know are a safe bet. The world may appreciate mediocrity but it will certainly reward greatness and those who stand out. Wouldn’t you like a some of that?


2013 will be a great year. A phenomenal year… a year for the books! I scored quality time with my parents over the weekend, and really had a chance to relax and appreciate where I’ve gone in life since leaving Vegas in 2005. Why the heck would I ever want to go back!? The journey continues, and it’s going to be better than ever.

Here’s to a great week! Be extraordinary!

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