Be the (Iron) Man You Want to Be

Well January has disappeared with a poof and a bang!

We are closing out the first of 11 fantastic months for the year 2013, and I’m sure each will be more exciting than the previous. As I’ve said, the odd numbered years bring simply incredible things (2007, 2009, 2011, 2013) and the rest seem to build the infrastructure for that awesomeness. I feel like a Super Bowl with Nevada’s shining star (suck it UNLV) is a great start for the month of February.

By now, most people have abandoned their New Years resolutions and at the same time have finally developed a normal routine for the daily chaos that consists of the 24 hours of their life, seven days a week. Of all my previous semesters, I feel like I jumped into this one even more head-on than previous semesters and I have begun paying the price: I. Am. EXHAUSTED!

For whatever reason, I cannot seem to logic my way out of having to suffer the fate of having only 24 hours to work with every single day, day in and day out. I feel like I need 50… These days, it’s pretty tough trying to cram a 40 hour training month in with the MBA and work and dancing and somewhat of a resemblance of social activity while still taking care of my laundry, ironing, actually feeding myself, and getting sleep. Who has that kind of time!?

I am coming to terms with reality. I can’t do it all. I missed my swim workout, my favorite thing in the entire world and I was just too freaking exhausted to budge. So now I have to make up for it on the other end of the day, which of course, is already packed with things. Time to start canceling and rearranging I guess… It’s hard to survive life when you have multiple priorities that you would consider all A’s (or super critical) and can’t really budge on that. Triathlon is super, ultra-critical, but then again, so are my friends, and food, and sleep. Ugh! What have I gotten myself into!? And where the heck is my homework?!

I think of the role models in my life, especially my dad, and they all have many things in common. Here’s the list:

  • Be awesome – The people I look up to in my life aren’t just good people or great people, they are awesome people! They go above and beyond the call of duty time and time again, consistently provide positive influences on those around them, and share their joys and their hard times equally.
  • Acknowledge your weakness – I like to think that I never do anything wrong (hahaha!) but seriously, those who shine the brightest are the ones who know where their faults lie and they don’t attempt to cover them up. They simply deal with them as best they can and move on. People aren’t perfect, as much as it pains me to say, and you won’t be either.
  • Admit when you’re wrong – Perhaps the most difficult thing to do is admit when you’ve made a poor decision, took the wrong path or even just flat-out made the incorrect choice. The good thing is people will respect you for acknowledging the blunder! Just don’t try to cover it up or blame someone else… you will get even more kudos for fixing the botched decision!
  • Do the right thing – We live in a society where doing the right thing is well, rare. It’s unfortunate, but to rise above those who are just the normal folk you have always do the right thing, without compromise. Stay firmly grounded in doing the right thing and the rest will take care of itself.
  • Be loyal – Loyalty may not be glamorous or thrilling but it is something that will again set you head and shoulders above the rest. Be there for your friends. Be there for your family. Be the employee you promised you would be. However, stay loyal to yourself first!
  • Be a badass – You don’t have to be a badass physically (although that’s what I’m going for with Ironman). Combining all of these things will make you great and will give you tools to be phenomenal. Those who embrace these areas and use it as a positive influence in their lives will of course come out on top. Those who abuse it, well, good luck.

From here on out, every year will be known as the “year of change.” Oh well… bring it on! Who doesn’t like a good challenge?

How do you strive towards the person you want to be?

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  1. You do have quite a bit going on there.
    Last year with our 24 races in 12 months adventure, we really had to let some things go.
    We stopped hanging out with as many friends, especially the ones who liked to drink every night and stay up way too late. (It just doesn’t work with training and racing.) We also had to inform our other friends what days and times we were available to hang out. And ask that they plan at least a week out instead of just calling us up on the way to the pub or ball game. That way we could adjust our schedules. Your friends that stick with you that are not triathletes are some good friends!

    We also got a cleaning service. Twice a month they come out and do the dusting, vacuuming, mopping, bathrooms kitchen. It was REQUIRED, there just wasn’t enough time to get all that done and race. If you can afford a cleaning service they are worth every penny.

    We both work full time jobs in the gaming industry, and that means there are a few times of year that you will have to work lots and lots of over time. I would imagine this would be similar to your classes around finals. You have to suck it up and get your work outs in before work. Even if that means get up at 4am so you can be to work at 9am to work, then home by 9pm to sleep.

    This year we have made another modification to our lives to make training easier. Batch cooking. We attempt to cook 3 different meals of 6 servings each either on Saturday or Sunday each week. Package them up and refrigerate or freeze them for later in the week.

    Not only is this keeping my stress level down, since I know when I get out of the pool Monday and Wednesday nights at 8:30, I can go home and eat within 10 minutes, instead of cooking for an hour. Its also keeping our food budget lower, and we are wasting way less food than normal.
    Not sure if that is doable for you, but its something to think about when your training will start cutting into your cooking and eating time.

    But to answer your question, How do I strive to be the person I want to be?
    1. Be honest to myself and others about my goals.
    2. Admit when I am wrong and continue to do what is right.
    3. Attempt to reinforce good habits and form instead of just doing what ever.
    4. Shower often. No one likes a stinky hippie.

    1. Holy cow, you guys have made some serious changes in your life! I totally understand not hanging out with friends late at night. It just isn’t practical! The worst is when they try to pressure you into hanging out anyway. Sometimes I wish they all just understood. Haha, the comment about asking for a heads up a week in advance made me laugh! Fortunately, I’m usual the social coordinator for the group but it always irks me when someone tries to spontaneously do something with me and I’ve got a 3 hour ride scheduled. etc.

      The cleaning service sounds AWESOME. I may need to look into that… that, and I probably need to visit the dry cleaners a lot more. Ironing takes forever! I imagine that the gaming industry would be quite taxing physically and mentally! How do you enjoy your experiences in it?

      Batch cooking is great! Fortunately, it’s much easier for me to do that for just one person than it would be for 2 but it’s a step in the right direction. :-) yum! I do have a problem with breakfast and I’m usually “scrambling” around trying to throw it together while getting dressed, haha. What are your favorite/most convenient meal ideas??

      Ha! I love your answers! Showers all around!

      1. I just realized since your in Reno, you may thing by gaming industry we work at casino’s. but no we work for a company that makes online games for all ages. I did though for 1 day in 1998 work for a company in Truckey(sp) that tested slot machines. I wanted to die.
        Working at a video game studio varies depending on your department, but like any other creative position in any industry unless you work for yourself there are always deadlines. That means there will always be long hours sometimes. When the game requires say 30 artists, 20 designers and more, getting all that to sync up usually means a good chunk of OT while people get their stuff synced up.

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