National Pancake Day

Happy National Pancake Day,

In honor of one of my favorite foods, here’s a fun poem I scooped off of the interwebs. Happy munching!

Come visit my pancake collection
It’s unique in the civilized world
I have pancakes in every description,
Pancakes flaky and fluffy and curled

I have pancakes of various sizes
Pancakes regular, heavy and light
Underdone pancakes and overdone pancakes
And pancakes so perfectly right

I have pancakes locked up in the closets
have pancakes on hangers and hooks
There are bags in boxes and bureaus
And pressed in the pages of books

There are pretty ones sewn to the cushions
And tastefully pinned to the drapes.
The ceilings are coated with pancakes
And pressed in the pages with crepes.

I have pancakes in most of my pockets
And concealed in the lining of suites
There are tiny ones stuffed in my mittens
And large one packed in my boots

I have extra of most of my pancakes,
I maintain them in rows on these shelves
And if you say nice things about them
You may take a few home for yourself

I see that you’ve got to be going
Won’t you let yourselves out by the door?
It is time that I pour out the batter
And bake up a few hundred more

-Jack Prelutsky


Pancakes are not only delicious but are one of my favorite post-workout meals along with a few scrambled eggs and OJ. How and when do you prefer your pancakes? Early morning? 2 AM after shenanigans? For lunch?

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  1. I’m a morning girl for my pancakes. Plain or blueberry with syrup only (warm preferably).

    Maryanne :)

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