You Get What You Pay For and Other Bike Buying Tips

Well the old saying still rings true… you get what you pay for! I’ve had a freaking awesome week and lessons learned to boot. Got my racing bike fit for the final time, and boy does it fit like a glove.

In all of my triathlon adventures, I believe that you do get what you pay for but I didn’t realize it until my 50 mile ride up and back down Geiger grade with my new gear…

  • Epic racing bike – I will admit, I spent a small fortune on my sexy triathlon bike but for me it was something I had planned, saved, scraped, raced, and dreamed for for years. I didn’t just wake up and decide to go burn my savings, I set aside the funds and made it a goal to get it and now here I am. I did tons and tons of research, read a billion articles, looked through online forms to get other athlete’s opinions and feedback, and talked to many bike shops in person.
  • Bike fitting – Having a sweet ride will do you no good if it doesn’t fit you correctly. In all my years in triathlon, I never had a bike that “fit” properly. Sure, I thought it fit relatively well, but turns out that it was nothing like it should have been. The frame was too big and heaven only knows I was stretched out too far. Fortunately, my new bike fits perfectly (thanks to Peloton Bicycles in Reno) and getting it fit properly. Come on race season!
  • Winter cycling clothing – I have chilled my way through seven cycling winters in Reno and the time finally arrived for me to invest in some legit gear. I purchased some wool leggings to go under the bike shorts and a thick, wind and waterproof jacket. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the purchase. Worth it! I always try to squeeze by getting the least expensive training gear possible (because I’m cheap) but the quality of these purchases showed immediately. What was I thinking?!
  • Shoe covers – Cycling is great but not when icy wind blasts in through your vented cycling shoes and freezes your toes for hours on end. Full toe covers seal off the vents and provide warmth and protection from the elements. Worth the money! I wish I had them years ago. Definitely a must have for any cyclist in a colder climate (aka not California).
  • Crappy ass bike computer – After all the sweat I poured into training, money spent into acquiring gear, and time honing my skills, you would think balking at the price of a bike computer would be the last thing I squabbled over. Well… it wasn’t the case. After dropping more on my bike and racing gear than the MSRP of my car, I wanted to penny pinch wherever I could. I purchased the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel bike computer in an effort to save money. After my three hour ride, I was disappointed at the crummy quality of the computer. Not only was the data it produced wrong but it wasn’t even consistent! No matter who you are, you cannot convince me that when I’m barreling down a steep grade that I go from 25 mph to 3 mph back up to 12 mph when I am clearly still accelerating *head smack* Needless to say, I had to go exchange it which could have been avoided had I spent the extra $30 in the first place… bad call on my part.


In what other areas do you find that spending the extra money for quality is worth it?

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  1. I think the saying rings true for most things. We bought a lot cheap things when we moved into the house because we had to buy a lot of different things all at once and it was a huge expense. But guess what? Now we’re slowly having to replace everything as that discount snow shovel cracked and the budget leaf blower burned out (two months after buying it! Argghh!!), etc.

    1. Isn’t that the worst Mike?! I did that when I moved too. It’s such a burden and so frustrating! How come those products don’t just last…. blah! The worst for me was replacing the toaster 4 months into it!!!

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