Manage Your Relationships To Manage Your Success

Happy Friday to you all!

Despite what many companies claim, their employees are their greatest asset. Some choose to focus and emphasize that, and others go down the route of treating their employees like crap.

I’ve worked in both arenas, and the latter is not fun. Unsurprisingly, without solid people a business will flounder. Find the right people, and your business will flourish.

In relationships, personal or business, there are several things you must do to maintain, nurture, and improve relationships.

  1. Be straightforward – Don’t beat around the bush! Get to the point. Tell the person what they need to know. Take credit where credit is due, but mostly give credit where credit is due. Take responsibility for your mistakes, and be sure you make mistakes too. That means you’re trying new things… just make good mistakes not dumb ones.
  2. Manage reputations – Someone once told me that managing each other’s reputations is one of the most critical things you can do in the work place. Don’t throw people under the bus but at the same time don’t steal credit from those who deserve it. Take the blows for others but make sure that their work shines whenever possible.
  3. Do what you say you will – Simple enough. If you say you’re going to do A by Tuesday, then you better do A by Tuesday (if not Monday night). Be a person of your word, and the extra responsibilities and recognition will follow. It’s easy to be someone who stands out just by simply doing what you say you were going to.
  4. Follow directions – People, please! You know how I feel about those who can’t follow directions!
  5. Have interests but share them with others – I don’t expect everyone to be excited about Ironman or triathlons or even swimming, but that is part of who I am and anyone I have any kind of relationship with needs to know and appreciate that about me on some kind of level. On the flip side, I hang out with people who are into MMA, web programming, loving the Patriots, or studying chemical engineering and that’s OK. I appreciate their interests too and always make the effort to be interested in those topics (as much as possible) because that is important to them. You can’t build a bridge without supports, and your interests and hobbies are those supports.

How do you go about building, strengthening, and improving your relationships?

Picture credit 1. Picture credit 2.


  1. I think the best thing you can do to foster a positive relationship is “Give credit when credit is due.” Just say thanks! It doesn’t matter how small of a thing they did, it’s important to let people know they are appreciated :-)

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