5 Steps to Being a Cut Above the Rest

Taco Tuesday!

People, like steaks, come in different shapes, sizes, flavors,… cuts, if you will. Not all steaks are created equally. Grilled, broiled, fried, seared… etc, etc. I have yet to have a bad steak, sure there are steaks that don’t quite measure up, but it’s such a rare treat that usually it passes with at least a B-. The steak that blows me out of the water is an unusual find indeed!

2013 continues to get better and better, and will soon surpass my greatest expectations for the year. A new chapter is preparing to be written, and it is taking me in several directions I hadn’t expected. Like a wonderful steak, the journey of life is turning out to be quite delicious, and has many delectable sides to go with it. Yum!

It is very unfortunate to me that many people don’t make the most out of their lives. The brevity of life becomes more and more a reality the further into it I get, and it is all the more clear why we should be making the most of every opportunity given to us. Life ebbs and flows, bringing it with it the ups and downs that are to be expected, but that shouldn’t affect how we go about living our lives. Sure, disappointment isn’t fun and the loss of friendships may not be the greatest experience, but on the flip side, we are given plenty of opportunity to explore and adventure, build new friendships, see new things, and really reel life in by the horns!

People who are a cut above the rest have these traits in common:

  1. They’re sure of themselves – Confidence can take you a long way in life, and those who are successful, exceptional, and well above average are confident in their abilities, knowledge, skills… whatever it is that makes them awesome.
  2. They try and try and try again – The power of persistence should never be underestimated. Sure, it would be super easy to just give up outright and throw in the towel, but that’s too easy, and it certainly isn’t the path to doing great things.
  3. Failure isn’t an option (but it’s to be expected) – As I’ve talked about many times, successes don’t come without failures. If they did, not only would they not be appreciated, but you certainly wouldn’t learn any lessons from your failures like you do when you blow it big time.
  4. They let the past be in the past – The great thing about history is it’s already written. Whoohoo for less stress! Granted, there is much to be learned from the past and you would be foolish to ignore it, but there is so much more opportunity to create new successes instead of dwelling on past failures. Lake Stevens 2011 was freaking awesome. Lake Stevens 2012 was less than impressive… actually, it just sucked! However, I learned great things from each. If 2012 hadn’t been awful, I wouldn’t have appreciated 2011, and if 2011 hadn’t been great, I would have been more discouraged by 2012. I won’t be returning there this year but perhaps 2014 will be my shot at PR redemption :-)
  5. The future is what you make of it – The joys of having a blank canvas splayed out before you are that you get to make it your own. Each year we get a fresh white sheet, and as we progress through the months we have specks of paint here, blotches there, and the occasional hint of a larger image coming together in a grand fashion. It’s true that often we have larger events or activities planned well in advance, which take up a significant portion of that canvas, but it’s filling in the little things where we learn a lot as well. Be the artist that you want to be, not what someone thinks you should be!

2013 is going to be full of even more adventures, fun, hard work, new experiences, and mostly becoming the man that I want to be. And as a shout out to my mom for all the awesome articles, pieces of “common knowledge,” and other factoids she sends my way, here’s an amazing comic that is all too true! Be sure to share this with your friends.

How are you forming the year to your will?

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