Opportunity Is Not a Lengthy Visitor

Happy Thursday,

Well, February has come to a roaring end! For those of you who may not know, the title comes from one of my favorite musicals, Into the Woods. In a dark twist on many of our favorite fairy tales, Into the Woods creates a jumble of dark humor, hilarious song lyrics, and great music to create an experience many won’t forget. Here’s a link to the soundtrack.

Moving along, one of the song lyrics says that opportunity is not a lengthy visitor, and that certainly is true. I’m not a huge fan of the phrase “opportunity of a lifetime,” seeing as how life is full of many opportunities, but the idea still holds water. True, some are better than others but life consists of the opportunities that you do and don’t take advantage of…

It’s great to take advantage of new opportunities, and I am a firm believer in doing so. However, the cautionary point is not to do them in excess. Everyone needs a balance and it is so, so easy to get unbalanced these days. When was the last time you actually relaxed on a weekend and weren’t totally gassed Monday morning before work!? Sure, I may get some sleep on a weekly basis but am I always well rested? HECK NO!

Wolf by Ron Reeder

Opportunities create changes, and changes, as we all know, give me a slight case of panic, heart palpitations, excessive arm pit sweat, increased appetite, and the uncanny desire to add more hobbies to my list. OK, well maybe some of those aren’t true… the point is change is not always my favorite thing. I have found that many of the changes from new opportunities have not only been good things but great things, sometimes it just is hard to see through the fog initially.

Changes and opportunities can be stressful but good at the same time, but isn’t that really the point? If you never changed or pursued new opportunities you’d be living a very stale life, and frankly, probably wouldn’t be a very exciting person. I’ve never faced a situation post-change where I wasn’t grateful for the change that was initiated by me or thrust upon me. Seize the change!

Do you take full advantage of the opportunities presented to you?

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