The Life of the Adventurous Type

Happy Friday!

My reprieve from blogging has come to an end but oh my gosh did I have an awesome week! My career at the University of Nevada has come to an end, but my career in Reno is only just beginning…

It wasn’t very fun leaving my coworkers and students and colleagues that I spent so much time with, but I know that we all have more opportunities to continue pursuing, and pursue I shall!

In celebration of the many life changes I’m going to be experiencing in the not too distant future (new career, MBA graduation, Ironman) I decided to hoof it back to the east coast and visit a friend from the MBA program in Philly, in addition to tackling all of the adventures that NYC has to offer. Nothing quite beats not only having the free time to just up and go, but it’s so much more fun and relaxing when you don’t have to stress about work burdens. Granted, I was having a hard time missing triathlon training (those 5 days cost me 9 hours of training) but the break was so sorely needed that it didn’t matter. It was truly a breath of fresh air.

I have come to the conclusion that I’m a really adventurous person. Getting up and just going is kind of becoming my new thing… case in point, last year I just went to Thailand. Alone. No big deal :-) I’ve traveled to Italy, New Zealand, and Australia alone, driven to races on my own, and just have a knack for trying new things with or without people (salsa dancing)! Perhaps it’s my way of escaping my routine-driven life, but I just get a great thrill out of being low key and just heading off to find adventures, whatever continent they may lie on. The world is a really big place, and instead of shrinking, it only continues to grow as I see more of it.

This will be known as the year that I raked in the frequent flyer miles, never said no to new things,  and really tapped into the things that I value as a person: creating fresh experiences, meeting new people, trying new things, not being afraid to make mistakes, and generally just embracing life. Naturally, a seven hour flight across the country leaves you plenty of time to thing, and I really cashed in on that time…

I didn’t really figure anything out or have any great epiphanies, but it did give me pause and a time to reflect on everything since August 2010 (when I first started at the university). I’m very different than I was then, but on the other hand, I’m still very much the same. I have slightly different interests but I still enjoy some of the same things. I certainly train harder and have more things piled on the plate, but I also feel better equipped to handle all of that. Perhaps the greatest thing I’ve learned is just freaking get up and go!

Life will continue to ebb and flow with or without you, so why not spice it up with an extraordinary trip? After all  the only thing to lose is your subway map of NYC. The great thing about being an adventurer is that I can never truly be lost… I always know exactly where my feet are, and that’s right beneath me!

Where are your adventures taking you?


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