The Amazing Balancing Act

Happy Monday!

My apologies to everyone for vanishing the past week but it had to be done. I’m readjusting all of my routines (following an awesome Pops concert and a new start at a job) and the blog just fell through the cracks in glorious fashion.

My life is turning into a grand balancing act of large and slightly overwhelming proportions. Not that it wasn’t ridiculous before but oh my gosh! It doesn’t even matter that spring break is here (although I will appreciate only working) because there are still 1000 things happening. As a creature of routine, habit, schedules, checklists, plans, coordination, priorities, and organization of my life that takes place in intentional piles, it’s always quite interesting rearranging everything and still getting A through Z accomplished during the week.

Even things as unexciting as a new commute have an impact on the decisions that I make on a day to day basis. The balanced world that I once had has been tipped on its side in a rather aggressive manner, and I feel that I’m kind of learning to be myself all over again. Frankly, it’s not that bad! I’ve been me for 26.5 years so who’s to say I don’t know what I’m like. On the flip side, I’ve only been me for 26.5 years… who’s to say what’s on the other side of that tunnel?

The clock is ticking. 60 days until graduation. 62 days until the next wedding (not mine). 97 days until Ironman. That’s kind of stressful and fantastic all wrapped into one.

2013 is no longer a thing of the future, especially considering it’s nearly 25% over. Where’d the time go!? As much as it pains me to admit, there has been plenty to learn, even in these first months alone. Here’s three thoughts:

  1. Pursue the unknown – There are fewer things in life more exciting than those which you know nothing about. Sure taking chances are risky, but how else do you thrive? I’m still not a huge fan of change but the last week taught me quite a lot. The unknown is new and thrilling! Explore it, embrace it, live a little :-)
  2. Keep your peeps close – I must admit, my friends continue to surprise me at how awesome they are. There’s always one to clutch up when you need someone to chat with or just go grab a fun post-work meal. Life seems to be made more of who you know and spend time with than it is what you do for a living. Sure, the two may be related, but at the end of the day it’s who you spend your free time with that counts the most.
  3. Embrace it all – Just when I think life is smoothing out for a relatively uneventful patch, something ridiculous happens. I can never seem to catch a break, and if it’s not me, someone I know has some drastic changes occurring on their end. Good thing the most we can do is just sit back and let it all happen. Might as well enjoy it!

egg_balanceI hope the beginning of the week finds you with some fun and challenging activities in both your work and personal life. After all, how else will you get good at juggling if you can’t even handle your own hectic schedule?

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