Time is Priceless… Don’t Waste It

Happy Friday!

The weeks are rolling on by and spring seems to come and go as it pleases. Spring break, basically five days without class, is now over and I’m not really sure anyone is anymore rested than last week. Ah well, such is life.

I’m nearing the end of my great higher education adventure, and sure it’s cool and awesome and wonderful, but it’s kind of horrifying too. The time since graduating in 2009 has done nothing but disappear into the nether. The weeks turned into months. The months, years. And suddenly here I am facing an even more adult world. That’s some scary @#$!

Ironman is knocking on my door, louder all the time. Somehow I have been whittled down to a rather scant three months instead of a drastic sounding twelve. I honestly just don’t understand where the time went. Sure, work and school take time, and so does going to the movies with your friends and flying across the country and whatever else I’ve been doing, but we’re really plowing through 2013.

I’d forgotten how stressful it is starting a new job. Holy crap, I know basically nothing at all! It’s great that my coworkers are awesome and that I enjoy learning… but I kind of feel out of place regardless. I don’t really shy away from challenges, and this will be no different and I look forward to it with excitement, but good grief I come home zapped at the end of the day. What is fascinating about the work place is learning how the new corporate culture is supposed to function, the value the work place puts on time, how people relate to each other, etc.

What fascinates me about working in close proximity with six people is how they all manage their time. I swear everyone is in at least five meetings a day, blasting through their work in an efficient and concise manner, and that got me thinking about the value of time…

Time is cheap when we have an abundance of it, incredibly expensive when it’s limited. It’s something that can’t be recaptured, is an asset that is invaluable to some, disposable to others. The opportunity cost of one’s time is perhaps the most valuable thing any one person has. For me, I can measure the opportunity cost of my time in terms of training hours, time spent learning a job, a night on the town sharing drinks after a ridiculously long day, relaxation on the couch, tooting the trumpet, or writing a lengthy paper in preparation for graduation.

Granted, some of my costs are more “expensive” than others in comparison. For example, it’s pretty difficult to tear me away from a good night’s sleep before a huge training day. In fact, it’s almost impossible to reimburse me for that lost training time. However, it’s pretty easy to convince me to go to dinner and the movies instead of  slaving over a project. Done!


We have a perfect record in flying. We have never left a plane in the air…

Time is rare and abundant as it is (24 x 7 x 365), it’s incredibly expensive. My new job has me working to maximize my time to minimize the time required from everyone else to get their work done. It’s like being an efficiency generating machine only I haven’t generated any efficient tasks yet. Actually, I’m probably more of a burden with all of my questions and tangents and sidetracking… but that’s part of the learning process :-) One day, my record will stand for itself. Until then, I’m going to be aware of the time that I’m using.

For anyone who needs a better idea of what I do, look no further than this graphic. It’s hilarious and only partially untrue. Click the pic to make it larger. There is nothing simple about the IT development world, as would seem obvious, and yet projects still often go awry! :D



Happy Friday! Be sure to make valuable time decisions this weekend!

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  1. Someone once told me, “You never have enough time to get everything you need to done, but you always have enough time to the most important stuff done.”

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