The Start of a Race Season

And it’s Taco Tuesday already!

The glory of spring is nearly here, and with it a whole host of triathlon goodness. I’ve ordered new racing sunglasses, sweet running shoes, a new trisuit, got my bike all souped up and ready go, and hopefully I’ve done my due diligence for the opening race of the year.

I’m freaking out just a little bit that my season is so much earlier than normal. I’m used to hitting my peak fitness in August or September, not by June! That’s a huge difference, although I really put in the training hours over the winter to make up for it.

I have already broken 100 training hours for 2013 alone, which is more than I’ve ever done in only three months. I mostly feel sharp, under-trained and over-prepared and yet on other days sluggish. I want to be the best I can be but at what cost? Being committed to lots of things 100% is not conducive to restfulness…

Sometimes it seems silly putting in all of this work for something that sounds trivial like swimming, biking, and running, but then I sit back and think about how that sport (or sports) has really given me purpose in life. Sure, quitting would be easy, but then no one who did great things ever quit right off the bat then did they?


I have less than 90 days till Ironman. Graduation is creeping around the corner. Life is spinning rapidly out of control! The CHAOS! For whatever reason, March is just always a storm of insanity and now it’s almost over… It’s been a great year and a crazy year and just a really weird year… who the heck has five weddings to go to in rapid succession!?

I’m not new to chaos and I’m certainly not new to triathlon, but each year just as the winter thaw disappears it kind of feels like spring cleaning: Throwing out the junk. Tossing the old baggage from years past. Redefining myself as a person.

This year, well, there’s lots to be redefined. Pretty much everything except for my awesome apartment are going to be new. It’s a year of newness, freshness, and awesomeness!

Life is just a string of shared experiences, and as time progresses how those strings connect seems to become more clear. I’m pretty content with where I am in life. Actually, I’m very content. Life rocks! The exciting thing about a fresh batch of races is that no one gets to control those outcomes. I’m the master of my destiny for a very small portion of my life, and that’s pretty exciting. That, and baseball season is here too :-)

It’s nearly show time… please tell me that someone knows these song lyrics from some of the greatest rockers of all time?!

Sound of the drums
Beatin’ in my heart
The thunder of guns
Tore me apart…



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