A Recipe for Disaster: Poor Time Management

Happy Thursday!

The absolute plummet in my rate of blogging kind of makes me sad. Hopefully that motivates me to just write higher quality blogs!

This may come as a shock to some, but being a procrastinator and leaving things to the last minute can certainly take its toll on your levels of stress! Just when I thought I got through the thick of things with March, April comes tumbling along ruining everything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited for the start of race season, warmer weather, Aces baseball, and wrapping up school but the crazy and chaotic nature of my schedule is doing me in.

I would love to have time for movies, video games, orchestra, reading the 12 new books I have on my shelf, going for hikes, and about a billion other things, but once again I find myself limited by the physical limits of the very threads of time itself. Darn you 24 hour days!

Being great under pressure doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good manager of your time. However, I must add that being able to cook breakfast and iron your work clothes simultaneously is a pretty impressive feat…

I’m in the process of writing my own version of the Great American Novel, just not in the literal sense. Every day I get up at some silly hour, get some training in, go to a new and crazy job I’m really enjoying, squeeze in time for classes or the occasional social outing, unwind, and do it all again. We are our own greatest story tellers, and I hope that mine is exciting for those involved just as it is for me.


As everyone knows, I absolutely love FOOD! It just can’t be helped that I enjoy going to the grocery store every day or consuming unreasonably large portions at every opportunity. It’s fun, tasty, delicious, and rather required for survival (convenient indeed). Just as solid nutrition and eating combine in a ridiculous, cesspool-like chemical reaction to fuel your body and mind, the choices and recipes that we put together in our everyday life combine to paint a large and rather complex picture of our lives. Add too many hot peppers and your body won’t be thanking you…

Think about it, even the choices you make within 30 minutes of leaping out of bed (note: I accept that you’re all morning people like me and thrive on life at 5 am) can have a huge effect on your day and even your week. Each is just another ingredient being tossed in the crock pot to combine with a concoction of other choices and interactions. The outcome, for better or worse, is all your doing just be sure not to let too many cooks in the kitchen.

Food is the lifeblood of your body and time management is the all-critical water supply. Without it, you’re done for. The moral of the story is quite simple: Make fajitas early, and make them often. Your body will thank you. 

How good is your recipe for life? Better than most?

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  1. Re: pressures of time–You/your readers may be interested in a new book, Present Shock (sort of a continuum of Toeffler’s Future Shock). Author Douglas Rushkoff says: “Take back your time!”

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