Three Times It’s Perfectly Reasonable to Pee Yourself: An Unbiased Report

Happy Monday to you all!

I hope the weekend treated you well in both your social and home worlds, and that you were able to rest up. The gloriousness of spring continues to tease us here in Reno, although it is certainly much warmer than it was back in January. I anxiously look forward to May, for many reasons, but warm weather being one of them.

The triathlon season has begun and the rewards for all of the hard work are beginning to show. The first race of the year is always incredibly awkward but it had a totally acceptable outcome (7th overall). You have to work out the kinks of not racing in eight months, shed the ideal of hibernation that took place during the winter, and really make the effort to put forth your best foot while still having fun. It’s a time to rediscover and reinitiate the fun, summertime activities and clean out the cobwebs at the same time. As a side note, incredibly bright, distracting shoes have been scientifically proven and race-tested to make you run faster :D

As is typical, my blogs are pieced together from random experiences, conversations, thoughts, ideas, menu items on restaurants… the list goes on and on and on and on. That being said, here are three perfectly acceptable times for you to pee yourself (random right?). Use them wisely as peer judgment is entirely possible.

  1. Laughing – Laughing is life’s best medicine and probably one of the best human experiences one can have with your friends. It makes all of your problems go away, definitely forces a smile on even the grumpiest of faces, and brightens the day of those around you. The problem with laughing, however, is when there is a copious amount of tickling involved that just kills you inside. You all know what I’m talking about… someone’s fingers are digging into your ribs or harassing the bottoms of your feet and you succumb to an uncontrollable stream of laughter, abdominal engagement, and the incredible urgency to pee. It happens to the best of us… fortunately, you have a great excuse.
  2. Fright – It has been said that the times when you scare your friends the most turn out to be the funniest of stories, granted from a certain perspective. If you just happen to be hanging out with a bunch of your people for dinner and a movie and just happen to walk by a seemingly innocent coat closet that one of your friend’s jumps out from, you are fully entitled to wet yourself. You won’t even notice the side effects, especially when dealing with an elevated heart rate, nearly breaking your neck from falling backwards over yourself trying to get out of the way, and a myriad of other fear-induced things.
  3. Triathlon – It’s totally cool and almost expected for it to happen during the swim warm up leading to the start of the race. Let’s face it, the water is really, really cold, it’s a hassle to take your wetsuit back off, and honestly, even if you went 10 minutes before jumping in the water, you will definitely have to go yet again before the race begins. Might as well take care of it efficiently! It’s a sort of rite of passage if you will…


So there you have it in a nutshell: three totally appropriate and legit reasons for making a mistake in public that would otherwise get you shunned. Have a great week and stay dry!



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