The Marathon of Life

It’s with a very sad and heavy heart that I write today’s blog. As you all know by now, two bombs, or some kind of explosive devices, were detonated at the finish line of the Boston marathon. The news seemed to slowly trickle across the country as first one, then two, then twelve friends all texted me about it.

These events struck me particularly close for a few reasons, as any great tragedy that happens to our country would, but even more so in a personal manner:

  1. Too close to home – I had a professional colleague and several friends of friends who were at the event. Fortunately, I received word that all crossed the line safely and were unharmed, but that is still kind of rattling. Personally, I never really think of a marathon as a risky event, especially since I just raced a half yesterday, and yet here our country is swept up in a new tragedy. It’s a shock to our system and so completely unexpected that I feel completely vulnerable, as I’m sure many of you do too.
  2. Lifestyle – As most of you readers know, my blog and my life are about triathlon, racing, the great outdoors and the world of discovery that lies under it. Pretty much everything I do revolves around physical activity, the types of competitions that the tens of thousands of runners flew to Boston to engage in, and I almost feel that those activities have been tainted. They are no longer the care free acts of friendly competition but have instead created a horrible taste in our mouths. I can’t possibly imagine getting to the finish line of Ironman Coeur d’Alene only to find panic and destruction. It’s truly a heart wrenching thought yet I can’t even begin to fathom what the people in Boston and the race participants are going through at the moment :(
  3. Things have a weird way of working out – Ironically, one of my goals last year was to spend 2012 training for an epic PR in the marathon, racing in the Vegas marathon to qualify for Boston and head there this spring. Ironically, I injured myself and was out for the season. I’m not saying I would have qualified but the thought is haunting that it’s somewhat possible that I could have been there today. I find that deeply troubling but also reassured that I’m not in charge of my life like I pretend to think that I am. Some of you Reno folk remember the horrible air show crashes that happened a while back, and a very similar circumstance took place. I was planning on going the day of the crashes but an unexpected event prevented me from going at all. Scary, to say the least…


It’s easy to say that we feel a sense of loss for those in Boston, but they are experiencing those events in a much more direct and personal way then we can imagine. I only hope that those responsible are brought to justice, that the appropriate and saving medical attention is given to those in need, and that we all continue to live our lives to the fullest. What else can we do?

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”

-Albert Einstein

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