If You Give a Triathlete a Swimcap (or Cookie)…

…they will want to go for a swim. If they want to go for a swim, then they will most likely want a wetsuit to go with it. In the chance that you do get them a wetsuit, they will probably ask for a racing bike.

After you’ve sold your left kidney and purchased the racing bike, they will certainly ask for an aero helmet.  If you turn over the aero helmet, they will beg for a set of racing wheels. If you’ve fallen for their tricks this long and get them the wheels, they will certainly insist on getting new socks. If you manage to track down the socks, they will probably ask for new shoes.

If you managed to save for the shoes, they will insist on getting no-tie laces. If you buy them no-tie laces, they will ask for a new pair of sunglasses. If you get them a new pair of sunglasses, they will likely want a new racing suit. If you get them a racing suit, they will need a triathlon bag for carrying all of their gear to their races. At long last, after you’ve scrapped and pillaged and sorted your piggy bank for their gear and purchased the race bag, they will finally be race-ready! And then…

…they will ask to go grocery shopping!

So, if you give a triathlete a muffin……. sorry, I digress.

Happy Friday to everyone. It’s been a phenomenal week in Reno with both work and school, and the racing season has gotten off to a simply fantastic start, with more to come in the not-too-distant future. The realities of life are presenting themselves in new and exciting ways, with emphasis on the new. My training sucked this week, which is always detrimental to my outlook on life, but I seem to have gotten it together in the latter part of the week charging into the weekend.

Swimming, in my humble opinion, is the true “chicken soup for the soul.” Swim days are typically the highlight of my week, even though they quickly turn into swim-bike days or swim-run days, but the time spent in the pool can shape the flow of the week, completely impact your outlook on life, and give you a 180 at a much needed moment. Wednesday was one of those days where everything was going wrong, I was dragging my feet, completely wiped out, and had no interest in living life to the fullest. And that’s when I went for a swim, and it turned my entire day around. I got my badly-needed exercise, enjoyed some alone time, and still made it to class. These little escapes from reality are what help me cope with everything, and there’s a whole lot of everything going on.

“MBA” will be added to my name in less than 28 days and that’s really weird for me. It’s scary and exciting, invigorating and gut-wrenching, freaking awesome and totally overwhelming. It feels not that long ago I first entered the working world a raw and green graduate and now I’m pursuing a mid-level career at a major company. Oh, the joys of living life!

grocery-shoppingI’m doing my best to not make plans after graduation, but of course that is hard for me to do. I need to be go, go, going constantly with far too much heaped on my plate. I just do better under pressure and I’m not yet sure how I will handle not having class anymore. Sure, I will cram in a ton more of triathlon training, but I will also have time for new hobbies, travel adventures, and who knows what else. It truly is going to be a legendary year. Buckle up for the ride!

I believe that I’m doing a damn good job being Russell Aaron so far in 2013, and I hope that you all have dreams, goals, challenges, and things to look forward to this year (or upcoming ones) as I know I do. Many of my friends are changing the chapters that they are at in their lives, and transition continues to be prevalent everywhere. For the first time in a very, very long time, I feel at peace with where I’m at. Everything feels like it’s in balance. Sure, not all of my expectations have been met and there are other things I had hoped for that may not have happened as I planned, but life is great. Odd years are, quite simply, the best. Here’s to you raw adventure!

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