Art of Perfection

So, you’re a perfectionist. You spend your life, an overwhelming amount of energy, and incredible amounts of hair loss making sure everything is pulled off correctly, down to the smallest detail.

I strive for perfection, in fact, when things aren’t perfect it stresses me the heck out! Why do something if you aren’t going to do it right? Well, there are times when perfection is required and there are times when 80% perfect will have to be good enough. At this point in my academic career, I’m managing to make things just good enough. Perfection was given up long ago when the balance between work, life, school, and exercise became an insane cesspool of stress and ridiculous schedules.

Letting go of perfection was not easy for me. In a quest to rise above the rest, what do you have to give up from your life? Is it worth it? I would love to pull off the perfect triathlon, but I don’t have the 40 hours of training a week to do it, so I settle with being great, not perfect. The perfect house party, however, is something I will avidly pursue :D

Think of your favorite painting and how imperfect it is. There are scrapes and bumps, perhaps some missing or faded color, and yet those imperfections are what make that painting so amazing. Nothing is perfect, and the creation of something that is perfect is not something we are capable of. It is simply beyond our capacity, which is why the things in life that are close to perfect stand a head above the rest.

Any of you who have seen the Coliseum or the Golden Gate Bridge or the Empire State Building or the Sydney Opera House know that even these incredible landmarks have their imperfections. It’s what makes them more real. We as humans also have many imperfections…


My favorite sport in the entire world, baseball, is a perfect analogy for describing the perfection of imperfection. When you think of the “perfect” baseball game, what do you think of? No, I’m not referring to the technical prefect game in baseball where no runner reaches base, but I’m talking about the perfect situational baseball game.

You’re usually at the game with friends or family, the sun is shining with a cool summer breeze, hot dogs, popcorn, and outrageously priced lemonade are for sale. The two teams are in a head to head slugfest, there are close plays, blown calls, triples, homers, a pitcher being ejected from the game, broken bats, and a stunning comeback by the home team in the bottom of the 9th. The perfect game has you biting your nails, jumping up and down for joy, booing the opposing team’s mascot, and going out afterwards to celebrate the big victory. However, none of it is actually perfect.

Perfection is a myth, an extinct species, a lie in our heads. However, we should always push ourselves to work towards perfection in all aspects of our lives.



  1. I love the message you convey in this post. I like the baseball analogy. When you asked “When you think of the ‘perfect’ baseball game what do you think of? I immediately thought of the technical term (no hits, no runner on base etc.) and my answer was, “That it wasn’t perfect for the opposing team.” Not quite the answer you had, but true nonetheless. :)

    1. Haha glad you enjoyed! That’s true, that situation would not be good for the opposing team but as long as the Aces crush Sacramento next time it should be fine! What would be your “perfect” experience for life?

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