The End of the Beginning

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the final lap. The last of the great school adventures. The final chapter in the formal education book. Basically, it’s almost May…

I’m panicking, overwhelmed, frustrated, scared to death, and kind of going insane. How did May 2013 get here so quickly? Not only that, how is my Ironman in less than two months?! Talk about the feeling of unpreparedness in the pit of my stomach. I spend my life making lists of things to do, some challenging, others a necessity, all in the idea of bettering myself and experiencing all life has to offer, and now within two short months, two of the biggest things ever to make that list will be completed.

Two years ago I hopped on the MBA boat with little rhyme or reason as to why, other than the convenience of the opportunity. Now, my time as a grad student is all but complete, and what is there to show for it? Instead of feeling like I’ve got it all figured out, I feel like the Earth has only gotten larger, more complicated, but at the same time it has become more connected and more palatable. I’ve been equipped with new tools and strategy for tackling the world, and that’s exciting. It probably helps that just yesterday I added $200 worth of business-related books to my Amazon wish list…

A very specific chapter in my life is coming to a close in the next few weeks. My formal education will be complete (although learning never stops), and it is likely that the University of Nevada, which I have supported, been involved with, and worked at since 2005, will not be central to my life anymore. Granted, I will be there for all of the football games (I’m still going to paint myself for UNLV), but the center of my life will shift away. Work has already shifted my attention to south Reno, and perhaps the rest of my life will follow.

It’s kind of daunting thinking that I’m carving a career and life path further and further into Reno. The 18 year old who showed up freshman year to major in Information Systems is long gone, and has been replaced by the more up to date and responsible version of myself. I reflect on my decisions and choices of the past years and dwell on the mistakes, enjoy the many fun adventures, and create new hopes for the future. Perhaps my greatest accomplishment revolves around the bridges I’ve built and the friends that I’ve maintained. I have nothing to complain about in the social arena.


Even in just the past two years I’ve written many a post on the shenanigans I’ve experienced in my life, and I look back and reflect with fond memories of it all. On the flip side, I wonder what the future holds in store and what challenges and struggles it may bring with it. Grad school was time consuming and tedious, but relatively painless at the same time. What a great way to advance my life!

Good times alternate with the bad, just like the seasons alternate with each other. I do know, without a doubt, that things will keep pressing on with or without me so I better be prepared to stay up to speed. Spring will soon turn to summer, and summer to fall. People move, get married, change jobs, get new hobbies, buy pets, etc., but when you build a core foundation in your life, you can’t possibly go wrong…



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