Picture This: Reality Check

I will admit it; I’m done with my MBA so I bought a new DSLR! It makes taking pics of the dog so much easier :P

Photography is yet another passion of mine, and I’ve been very fortunate to take pictures on four different continents, all over the United States, in the park in my backyard, up in the mountains and the trees in the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s, and just throughout the wonderful and amazing world that we all live in. If you’ve ever seen the Grand Canyon in person, you know how little credit even the best of photos can give it. It’s truly an amazing phenomenon that can’t be reproduced on paper.

Photos are used to capture our fondest memories, our great adventures, the calm times and the upsetting times. Our photos (worth more than 1000 words) are a link to our past and often inspiration for our future. Mt. Kilimanjaro, I’m coming for you!

Photos express things that we can’t put words to, they write the greatest of stories, and they help rekindle the cinders of experiences from long ago. How fun is it to dig out high school yearbooks, baby photos, your parent’s wedding album, or just snapshots from your latest get together? I have a photo album from my months in Australia that I can just sit and stare at for hours, conjuring up all my life-changing experiences and rehashing that epic trip in all its greatness. 21st birthday at the Great Barrier Reef anyone??

So here I am with graduation a mere ten days away, all of my coursework completed and the question must be asked what am I doing with my life? I know that I love being a crazy, insanely busy person doing 2 billion things at once, and yet there has been a definite close to a very large and substantial chapter in my life. Slam.


I was walking to my car after my last day of class and realized that I won’t be on campus until graduation, and even then, I won’t really be back to the business building or the union, or any of my old hangouts (bubbling rock). I left campus the first time in 2009 only to return two years later. This time, I don’t foresee that there will be any return. I have been known to be wrong from time to time though…

Flashback eight years and I’m sitting with 30 of my closest friends in high school English class. The countdown to graduation is nigh, and we’re prompted to write a response on where we think we will be in five years. Other than having some kind of college degree, I pretty much got everything wrong but that’s OK because I like where I’ve ended up. And really, who’s to say the journey has ended? It has only begun. Eight years later I still have no bloody idea where I will be in five years but, for once, I think I’m finally just letting it happen. Ahhhh, deep sigh of relief.

I consider myself very blessed to have been able to experience the MBA program, land a sweet job at a great company, and be pressing onward ever closer to Ironman. I’ve looked out the window at work many a time and just seen life passing me by at a blazing clip, wondering what is in store for me next, and that’s when my mind wanders back to my favorite photos. The memories come rolling back, life seems to tip itself right side up, and off I go in the right “frame” of mind…


Happy Hump Day.


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