Anticipations, Hopes, and Dreams

It’s Friday of a holiday weekend. Do you hear the people sing?!?

Let’s hope for some warmer weather for ridiculous shenanigans. This summer, unlike last summer, will be school free. What a cause for rejoicing! It will be three months of complete and total freedom, errrr, well, I suppose it will be three months of work, but there will be freedom! The joys of vitamin D and the happiness that it brings into my life. Mmmmm!

I have officially been done with my MBA for one week. Seven whole days of post-graduate rejoicing and celebration. Really, I just went to work and trained about a billion hours more. I’m beginning to wind down the intense training and it is nearly time for some well-deserved rest. I’ve got nine days to finish carving myself into an Ironman and then it’s taper, taper, taper…

Graduation and the wedding zoomed past in a flash. I’m hoping that my 10.5 hour adventure through northern Idaho will pass just as quickly. In my racing experience I have found that you spend time preparing, training, eating, resting, hoping, anticipating, doubting and then BANG, the start gun goes off and X number of hours later you come streaking (or wobbling) across the finish line. The rest of the day zips by in a blur filled with stretching, stiff muscles, and strange GI side effects until dehydration and exhaustion land you in bed for the evening. Starting your day at 4 AM sure makes it feel like it’s been days that have passed by bedtime…

I’m someone who dreams big. I don’t really take no for an answer, especially when I can sit down and at least plot out a basic plan to where I want to end up. I find energy in my visions, in my crazy ideas, and in learning, pursuing new things, and basically not sitting at home doing nothing with my life.


Dreams don’t cost a thing. Implementing them is when you begin to pay the price, but aren’t they always worth it? Many people have asked me how I did my MBA, and ironman training, and salsa, and a social life. Well, I just made the time for it.

Here’s some steps to dreaming big:

Don’t limit yourself

    – be sure to stretch yourself. Lame goals are only a disservice!

Don’t overextend yourself

    – we all have our limitations (physical and mental) and you will surely slam into the ground with a crash if you aren’t careful…

Don’t sell your soul

    – it’s great to shoot for the moon but don’t do it at the expense of losing your interests, your friends, or who you are as a person.

Don’t pick weak, lame dreams

    – being around motivated, passionate people helps you drive yourself further. That being said, don’t pick weeny goals that are easily accomplished and do nothing for you.

Do be awesome

    – there is too much mediocrity in this world. Be extraordinary and great and a badass!

Do challenge yourself

    – push yourself beyond your comfort zone! Everyone knows you can run a mile, make it a goal to run 10!

Do celebrate at the end

    – if you pick a big, hairy, audacious goal, you’re going to need to celebrate. Throw the party of the year and enjoy with your peeps!!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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