Ironman Training Complete

Well, it’s June. The hardcore part of my Ironman training is complete. Now it’s time for a deep breath and pressing on towards the starting line …

Since January, I’ve logged a silly amount of training all in pursuit of the ultimate endurance race. So far, it’s totally been worth it!

  • Swimming – 52.11 hours / 90.75 miles
  • Biking – 97.35 hours / 1718.86 miles
  • Running – 36.24 hours / 247.59 miles

May in and of itself was a madhouse …

  • Swim – 11.33 hours / 19.54 miles
  • Bike – 33.28 hours / 582.16 miles
  • Run – 12.72 hours / 85.81 miles

I didn’t bother tracking my grocery bills cause that would just be depressing ;(


Ironman is nearly here and I am struggling with remaining calm while nurturing some healthy anxiety. The time to soar has arrived!



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