3 Ways To Leave the Past Behind You

Happy Taco Day!

Of course the universe is in full swing with fun activities, scorching weather (triple digits this weekend), and the hosting of the Reno Tahoe Odyssey. Most of the people I know were somehow involved with the event, which isn’t hard to do when there’s 270 teams of 12 people a pop.

Taking a cool lap around Tahoe from Reno via Virginia City and Carson is no easy feat, but year after year it continues to be the single greatest way to bond with people you don’t know. I thoroughly enjoyed piling into a van with five total strangers seeking a quest full of adventure, excitement, and glory! Or maybe, we were just pursuing the world’s best burritos being sold in Tahoe. Yum!


So how does one go about leaving the past behind? There are always lessons to be learned from the past, but constantly dwelling on what you no longer have control over can’t be healthy either. Yesterday’s tomorrow is today’s future. (Say that five times fast…)

  1. Learn your lessons but don’t dwell – It’s easy to sit and think on the past, wishing you could change how things turned out, hoping that decisions would have resulted differently, or that you could travel back in time and completely alter your past. Well, reality check, you can’t! However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the past and the lessons it has to teach you.
  2. Soar into the future on the wings of the past – Lessons learned are the greatest fuel for forward motion. The only thing holding you back may be your fear of the unknown, but that’s all life has to offer is the unknown. That word brings a chill to our spines but not for good reason. If we knew what to expect, then the unexpected wouldn’t be nearly as exciting and we would all be boring people incapable of adventure.
  3. Stop looking over your shoulder – The weight of the past isn’t worth carrying around on your back. Just let it go! Always press on, even if it’s little steps. You will find that you end up closer than not moving at all. If you go sailing past runners on Kingsbury Grade, don’t give them the benefit of looking over your shoulder. Be confident that you’re kicking butt and keep on keepin’ on. The doubts and anxiety of success can drag us down but they can also provide us motivation. Keep moving forward!

It’s a very tough challenge for me to live only in the present, being the best whatever-it-is-I’m-doing-at-the-moment that I can be. Life seems to be more rewarding that way…

How do you leave your past in the dust?

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