Four Things Stress Machines Have in Common

Yet again, it’s the most wonderful day of the week. T-minus 13 days until departure for Ironman. Holy cow.

The life changes are beginning to pile up in a grand old fashion. In fact, I’ve only been out of grad school for a mere three weeks and all craziness is beginning to break lose. That will definitely be the last time I complain about nothing exciting happening after getting my degree :| It seems like layer after layer of stressful decisions, interactions, events, or other pressures just continue to come on, and the only one who understands is my dog!

I’m a thrive-under-pressure type of person, but this is all the wrong type of pressure to enable my successes. I’m just exhausted. How does someone get 7.5 hours of sleep and wake up absolutely drained, disheartened, and burned out? Well, it happens…

Tomorrow is my last big training day for the race, although not nearly as bad as past weekends. Hopefully it passes without incident and the sun refreshes my energy stores.

Perhaps I brought this all on myself. Shooting for the moon. Trying hard not to be boring. Striving for excellence and excitement. Well, now the price is being paid…

I consider myself a producer. A manufacturer of funny thoughts, challenger of physical tests of endurance, believer in loyalty and integrity, and of course I create my own stress to go with it. I have done quite well this year not to borrow stress or create anxiety over non-issues, but that seems to have come to an end for the moment. Despite my best efforts, I am awash and overwhelmed.

Here are four things stress machines have in common:

1. Constantly doing their best at far too much

2. Always burning the candle from both ends

3. Not actually resting (despite the fact that they think they’re resting)

4. Pretending like everything is OK


I’m sure you all can identify someone that you know who happens to exhibit most or all of these characteristics relatively frequently. How do they beat the stress bug?

Onwards and upwards. The calendar waits for no man!

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  1. From one Stress Machine to another…glad you’re seeing it at an early age. Took me MUCH longer to see it, realize it and do something about it! There’s hope for you, too!! :)

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