Case of the Mondays – Tips for Execution

Happy Monday!

Don’t fight it, Monday has returned once again. One of my favorite comedies, Office Space, takes Mondays to a whole new level. Case of the Mondays anyone?

Normally, I take no issue with Monday. Tuesday, on the other hand, is usually the bane of my existence. I would much rather deal with the realities of coming back to work refreshed (theoretically) and ready for a new week then dealing with the fallout from Monday. Regardless, each day of the week seems to have something positive to bring to the mix. As for this week, Monday I take great issue with. I’ve had a few panic attacks of the weekend due to the realization that IRONMAN has arrived with a crash and a bang. Six days… six lousy days and we (me) will found out what 140.6 is all about.

I did my due diligence, put in the training time, made all the appropriate preparations. Now, it is simply time to execute!

Without blubbering on for hours on end, here’s three surefire ways to cut through the mayhem and get things done:

  1. Be your own enabler – As I’m sure many of you are as well, I’m not a huge fan of people who sit around waiting for things to happen. If you see an issue that needs to be addressed or work that needs to be done, hop in and get your hands dirty! Initiative and dirty elbows can get you a long way in life.
  2. Trust your skill set – We each do different things better than everyone else, just like there are plenty of people to make up for our (many) faults. Do what you’re best at and work at the things you aren’t quite as good at. I do, however, highly discourage you from doing things that you are terrible at and are better left in the hands of someone else. Can’t crotchet for the life of me…
  3. Do your best but don’t try and do it all – Put forth 100% in all that you do. If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing once: correctly (Note: I still insist that scientifically you cannot put forth 110%…check your math!). Some people are great at many things, and others are great at a select few. That being said, there isn’t a single person on the planet who isn’t great at something. Tap that resource and be yourself!


This week will be interesting, terrifying, exhausting, and totally awesome. Hopefully this helps you be better equipped!

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