How to Train for an IRONMAN (video)

Good Morning!

Happy Monday. It’s almost been a month since I finished IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene and I finally have my fun slideshow/music video put together. It’s about 25 minutes long so I discourage you from watching it until you have the time. I do, however, encourage you to get a tasty bowl of popcorn and crank your speakers when you do get the time though.

I hope you all enjoy! It goes well with my epic poem of IRONMAN triathlon funness! (great grammar, right?) :D

Be sure to watch in Full Screen.

I hope you enjoy. I had a blast competing. I had a blast training. And I had a blast putting this together…



  1. Pretty AWESOME but….WHY???!!!! I definitely admire your purse-everence (hehe get it?!). Hey, where were the Team Russell shirts??! Maybe we’ll be part of “Team Russell” if you do St George. :)

  2. Finally had time to watch :). So incredible!!!! You are a beast! Love you and look forward to supporting and cheering you on in your next epic adventures! Xo

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